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Million Man March Essay

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- Good Essay, Try to be less generalThe date is October 16, 1995. Three high school magazine reporters wake up early that morning to go on an assignment. These reporters were asked to go to Washington D.C. to report on a peaceful rally that was taking place on the Mall. They willfully took the assignment, and were eager to take such an important task. The only concern they had was for their safety, due to the color of their skin, they may be an unwelcome guest. Since it was a somewhat religious gathering, the reporters thought that race would be set aside, and all men would be equal for this one day. All men ARE created equal, no matter what anyone says. A man should not be judged by the color of his skin, religion, or ethnic background.The reporters reached a Metro station on the outskirts of Washington D.C. and decided that it would be best if they parked there and rode the Metro into downtown DC, where the gathering was taking place. They bought their metro passes and quickly caught the first train to the city. As the three reporters found a seat on the train, a respectable looking man came up to them and asked them , ' Where do you boys think you are going?'. One of the reporters mentioned to the man that they were going to the gathering that was being held on the Mall, and that they were reporters for a High school magazine. The man then laughed at the reporters and then hurried to tell his colleagues of the plans of the three. They then began to laugh, and the reporters ignored the laughs and comments that were being made. At that point the knew that they were going to be an unwelcome guest.The train reached the downtown station and the reporters exited the train, and made there way to the stairway that led up to the surface. To their amazement they say thousands upon thousands of men waiting to get to the surface, all of them holding signs of where they were from. This gathering was going to be a large one indeed. As the reporters made it to the surface, and then to the Mall, they immediately began to receive looks of disgust and unwelcome.As the day went on, the reporters had rocks thrown at them, were called explicit names, and were stared at. This peaceful religious gathering didn't seem too peaceful from the viewpoint of the reporters. They were even doubting the credibility of the goals of the gathering itself. The main goals of the gathering were to stop violence, drugs, and hatred for fellow men. This gathering was the Million Man March, and these reporters were white.Richard Lacayo, Head Reporter...

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