Milton Freedman's Business Ethics Essay

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Ethics means the principle of used by human well-being as a guideline for making a good of an ethical in organization and others. Ethics also are refers to the certain of values, and rules to carry their lives in kindly (Ethical Society, 2002).The values of principle are such as honest, keep promise, showing loyalty, being fair, respect each other’s, caring and being responsible with citizen at country. These values are ethical that are underlying for the individual values. Other than that, most of people have learned the norms of ethical at variety of place. For example is at home, at school, at mosque, or other social environment in the country. Ethical norm are very important for all people to make a good sense when communicate with other people. The people must care their attitude from a bad attitude to growth as they will to be a matured (David B. Resnik, 2011).
The aim of ethics is to identify both the rules that the people’s behavior should be taken.According to Jeff Landauer (2001), ethics is very important and the requirements for human to life. Without the ethical, the actions of people could not achieve the goals because they do not have a right way towards goals respectively. However, an ethical values also may be unable to achieved our goals with successful.Most of people are agree that the values of ethical are admirable guidelines for behavior. Ethics are become complicated with other over values such as the problem situation, or an opportunity in which an individual must choose for several actions either the moral are right or wrong.

Another way of defining the means of ethics is focuses on disciplines such as philosophy, theology, law, psychology or sociology. There are many of different type of disciplines, institutions, and professions have their ethical norms. These ethical also can help the members in organization of disciplines to control the actions when handling the activities to trust the public of disciplines. For example are ethical norm in medicine, law, engineering, learning, engineering, business and others (David B. Resnik, 2011).
Moreover, ethics should be considered in which to live. Ethics is as codes of relationships with which we have contact each other’s. The ethics also are including to the social mores, the behavior towards fellow humans and other friends with trustily. Therefore, trust is important to give the others belief and respect for others.Building trust in a relationship can be give to difficult way. The people think that they know how to, but sometimes it does not work with some of people. Therefore, building trust is a very important part of a relationship with other people either at home, school, office and others or without trust, the relationships can be very stressful.
According to Betme (2013), sometimes, the people had misunderstanding between both of ethics and law. In term of ethics, there are include to the moral, behavior, and manner when doing the task that are given by other people....

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