Milton R. Stewart; Dwt An Interview And Write Up On Lawyers From The Lawfirm Davis Wright Tremaine Llp.

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Milton Stewart, the self acclaimed "American Dream," was born and raised in west Lincoln, Nebraska. Armed only with a strong will and relentless perseverance, he was admitted to the finest high school in Lafayette, Indiana of which 99.6% of its graduates went on to college. Of these students that went on to attend college 98% of them graduated. Feeling that the cards were stacked for him, he even passed up free tuition to Purdue University because his mother was employed at the radio and television news department.Having grown up in a household in which none of the members attended college, he took it upon himself to be the first. When Milt enrolled in Indiana State University he had no clue as to how he was going to pay his tuition. But once again, his dedication to himself and his career paid off; the schools foundation awarded him enough scholarships and financial assistance to continue with his education. He ended up doing extremely well in school, graduating at the top of his class with honors in the government program. Striving even further, he went on to attend the law school at ISU and was awarded one thousand dollar State Farm insurance scholarship based on merit.Milton went to work for Davis Wright Tremaine twenty years ago, beginning what he now considers his legacy. In his first years with the firm, admittedly "wet behind the ears," Milt burst onto the scene with vim and vigor unrivaled by the other attorneys. Sprinting up the corporate ladder, Milton soon found himself with too many commitments and became burdened with a feeling of incompetence. In addition to his work, and as a service to the community, Milton served on the board of trustees for the local YMCA. Doing what he saw fit, Milton retired from the board and gave himself entirely to the firm. Later in his life he would come to regret this decision.Milton Stewart now represents Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP as the director of business development. Along with managing over 400 attorneys, his responsibilities in the firm include forecasting, planning and communication with his clients. His initial task upon being hired on at the firm was to boost public awareness and appreciation which had been dwindling year after year. The marketing of the firm was solid, but the sales were nonexistent. With fourteen years experience in structuring merger and acquisition transactions, reorganizations and management buyouts Mr. Stewart felt confident to take on what would seem to most, a daunting task.Milton shows tremendous skill in modeling the way. He is a firm believer in leading by example. According to his superior and co-workers Milton is a very intelligent, energetic person with a high degree of integrity. Constantly assessing his performance and the performance of his peers, he is always looking for ways to improve, using every transaction as a learning experience. Milton's success can be attributed to his strong alpha-male personality.Milton was a first year attorney when he attended a...

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