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Mimes Of America Essay

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The people shake their heads and wave their fingers in disapproval towards the government from local levels to national levels--mimes of America. These mimes act out their opinion rather than using their voice to declare what they want. Pretending to perform action rather than completing action, these mimes dissimulate so they do not feel excluded. America is blessed with the opportunity to live in a country endowed with such great freedoms. In the United States, the basic freedoms for voting are often taken for granted and unutilized by many Americans, especially Texans. Despite the large size of Texas, the historic background of voting and other factors have caused the state to experience low voter turnout.
Voter turnout, according to the text, “. . .means the portion of the eligible citizens who actually cast ballots--not the portion of those registered, . . . (142).” Data reveals that the voter turnout of Texas is relatively lower than that of the United States as a whole. During presidential elections, voter turnout is higher than that of state and local elections. For example, the text states that in the 2008 presidential balloting, Texas voter turnout was about eight percentage points below the national turnout level(142). However, the voter turnout of the United States compared to that of other countries is lower than the global level. In a graph presented for voter turnout rate of registered voters, the United States is located on the bottom of the list. From U.S News, Flock states,“The U.S has one of the lowest voter turnout rates of any rich democracy in the world(Flock).” Factors that influence voting around the world, for example, may be the choice to submit a vote online, such as in India, rather than going into a voting booth(Flock). There are many factors that could cause the voter turnout rate to rise for Texas and the United States as a whole.
For the voter turnout to rise, an understanding of why the people do not vote is necessary. Many factors exist that deter Americans, especially Texans, from voting. These factors consist of reasons regarding race, gender, wealth, and education. The probability of voting decreases the lower an individual is located in each of these categories. The text reveals that people who abstain from voting are often uneducated, minority, and poorer(143). Among all the states, Texas holds the sixth-highest rate of poverty which could be a great factor to the low voter turnout as the poor are less likely to vote. Although there are many different factors for individuals to not vote today, there is a history of voting that may explain the...

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