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Mind Traveling Destination Unkown Essay

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MIND TRAVELING DESTINATION UNKNOWN SIR...SIR...WE HAVE A PROBLEM WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE CONTACT FOR LAST FIVE HOURS AND WE CANT GET THEM BUT WE ONLY GOT THEIR TRANSMISSION BOX THE SECOND TEAM IS ON THEIR WAY THEY JUST ENTERED THE GATE.OK LET ME HEAR THE TRANSMISSION BOX......................................................................BEGIN TRANSMISSION........................................................We have a lift-off!!!!!!!.................................................. Brian shouted. I thought that my head would pop while we were going on our big journey............ The pressure was too big. We were shrinking and shrinking until we became so small that we could travel through all the veins and nerves in the human brain. Our mission was to investigate why do people DREAM and how does the BRAINSTORM appear. We were supposed to pass through stinky and the ugly part of the body and than pass next to the heart and trough the nerve which connects the heart and the brain. On our way up we were stuck in the liver but we got out of it easy because liver is not actually a muscle it is just a "filter" for food before you throw it out of your body.While going to the finish of our mission I took some time to meet my Crew. I was the captain but I wasn't so confident about my self. There was Brian the Operative. He was in charge for the navigation and he was mostly doing the "hard" part of the work. Then there was Luchvak a total weirdo. He did the scientific part of the work and also he was the guy that knew the whole rulebook by heart.Also there was Mrs. King which was Mr. Luchvak's wife. She was one fine lady if you ask me. She was in charge for the radio and she was "driving" the ship.Although my Crew was very small it was effective and more than capable to do this mission successfully. While going up we were faced to some little incidents like battery loss because of some radiation from the "outside" and a power breakdown so...

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