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Instituting an open source Apache Foundation technical solution can reduce hardware costs, space issues, and lack of scalability.

Apache Tomcat is an open-source, pure Java, HTTP web server. It implements the Java Servlet and Java Server Pages (JSP) specifications and provides an environment for Java code to run in. The “pros” to using Apache Tomcat are many, while they may not all benefit each individual instantiation, it is important to note that because Tomcat is open source, it costs nothing to download and deploy. Additional benefits to using open source (as opposed to a freeware application) are that there is a large community of developers and users to reference for help and new capabilities are always being added. Tomcat is also a very common web server, which increases the availability of information even further. The server is fast and quite stable. While fast is a relative term, it is entirely within the power of the server administrator and the developers of any hosted programs to tune the server and their applications respectively for speed as needed. The default settings will serve the needs of a small user community as they stand. Eclipse has built in support for Tomcat, meaning any Java web applications developed in Eclipse can immediately be tested in an environment similar to the deployment environment. Java projects can be deployed to Tomcat very quickly and easily. If the web front-end and any necessary libraries (such as PDFBox) are written in Java then it is easy to export each project to a highly-portable Web Application Archive (WAR) file and deploy it to the server. This deployment can be done remotely (assuming remote access is available) via a management page provided with the server. Since it is a Java implementation, Tomcat can be run on either Windows or Linux without having to run any type of emulation software.
While the benefits of using Tomcat do often outweigh the reasons not to, each mission set is different and it should be noted that it is not very extensible. If multiple server technologies need to be deployed (for example, ASP.NET) then Tomcat probably isn’t a good choice. That being said since the developers control what type of technology is used then this may not be an issue. There are also converters available (Grasshopper) that compile Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) to Java bytecode or to utilize .NET web components on Tomcat. Also, it does not natively support Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) if specific functionality is needed beyond Servlets. TomEE is now available however, so this is merely an informational statement about standard Tomcat. TomEE is essentially Tomcat with additional support for J2EE included with it.
Most common web servers in use today will accomplish what is needed for a web application. Those alternatives to using Tomcat come down to small details, project needs and personal preference.
Similar to Tomcat in many...

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