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Mini Assignment Module 3

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Interview some of your friends, and ask them how many children they expect to have. Consider what factors may lead to their having fewer children than they expect. Can you foresee any conditions under which your generation may decide to have more children?

From the discussion with my friends of how many children they expect to have, the majority of my friends indicated that they expect to 2-3 children. There are a number of factors that can influence and limit the number of children they may have as compared to their expectations. One of the factors leading to this result may be the increase of women in the work force. According to statistics, there is a huge increase in women’s labour force participation that has occurred in the last 30 years from 42% of women in the paid labour force in 1976 to 58% in 2004. (Chappell, McDonald, & Stones, 2007) Most of my female friends, family friends, or relatives I know are currently either working or in school achieving an education hoping to obtain a job in the future. Working often consumes a fair amount of the individual’s time, making them less available to the family, which may lead to the decision of having fewer children.
Another cause of having fewer children than expected could be financial restraints, as raising children requires a certain amount of financial stability. Financial barriers are an issue in today’s society as merchandises have increased their pricing as compared to previous years. Post-secondary education, housing, transportation etc… may create debts for the individual, thus, pushing them to increase their work time to pay back these debts. This may also lead to people deciding to form a family at an older age as compared to previous generations. Many of my friends have said that their ideal age to start a family is around 30-32 years old. This trend may cause families to have fewer kids than they expect as fertility rate decreases with increase in age. (Heffner, 2004) This means that people who marry late may not have as many children as they expected to have due to infertility or pregnancy problems associated with ageing such as miscarriages, hypertensive complications etc… (Heffner, 2004)
A reason for which my generation may decide to have more children could be due to the increase occurrence of divorces. (Chappell, McDonald, & Stones, 2007) Individuals can choose to end one relationship and start a new one with a different partner in which they want to have children with. For example, if women is divorced and decides to remarry and start a new family with a different partner, they may wish to have children of their own. This may create the desire of having more kids.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of cohabitation? Do they differ for men and women?
Cohabitation is considered a common action in today’s society as compared to...

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