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Mini Paper

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Sahar Ramadan
Mini Paper 4
In this paper, I will take different stances in response to the different prompts. Considering the researches carried out on the topic, I think is no conclusive finding can be reached on the effect of L1 in processing L2 lexicon at the advanced levels of proficiency. I will argue against the necessity of incremental learning for acquisition of new vocabulary in AFL classes. Finally, I would argue for teaching collocations in classroom.

Effect of L1 in processing L2 lexicon at the advanced levels of proficiency
Comprehension depends mainly on the lexical information not only because of the semantic input lexical items provide, but also because lexical information helps to determine syntactic relationships. In several studies reviewed by Singleton (1999) the connectivity between L1 and L2 lexicon is supported. At the same time, second language learners seem to have different degrees of knowledge of the SL lexicon. These degrees vary according to the types of knowledge; receptive versus productive and according to the level of proficiency of the learners. In the process of acquiring a new language there evidence that suggest that both L1 and L2 remain activated even in the advanced levels of proficiency. In a studies done by Sunderman and Kroll (2006) they report two important points, the first one is that words that have close forms in both L1 and L2, will influence one another regardless of the language task being performed. The second important point is that they found activation of L1 at two different levels of proficiency, but the sensitivity to L1 translation decreased with the higher level group. On the other hand, Lee (2007) argues that it is not the influence of the L1 that affect the semantic processing but it is the development of proficiency that affect the process. In a study done by Jiang (2000, 2002, 2004) he suggested “ a semantic transfer hypothesis” in which transfer from L1 to L2 happens on three stages, however Lee (2007) argue against this hypothesis. Lee pointed out that L2 proficiency is the keyword in explaining semantic overgeneralization, in his study he compared three ESL advance level groups form different L1 background and the results came to support that there is no crossliguistics influence. I would add that other factors such as the social distance, age differences, and instructional methods are involved in the how and when L1 affect processing L2 lexicon.

Incremental learning is necessary for acquisition of new vocabulary in AFL classes
Learning vocabulary is a recursive process that need time and practice to be grounded into the new linguistic system. Hearing a word won’t lead to full knowledge of word. Learning a word require practice and performance on different levels. It requires, listening to the word at the first place then consulting on how to use then use it in an actual context. Also it requires different levels of encounter, first encounter to attain to the...

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