Little Red Duffle Coat Essay

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Little Red Duffle Coat

Once upon a time not too long ago there lived a widow and her daughter
in a small suburban house. The little girl was kind and friendly, and
everybody loved her, especially her grandmother (when she could
remember her name). One Christmas her grandmother bought the little
girl a bright red duffle coat like she had worn in her youth, and even
though it was out of season and not smothered in logos the child wore
it out of love. All of the neighbours would smile when she passed them
in the street and call out "little Red Duffle Coat".

Now one day, little Red Duffle Coat woke up with the sunlight
streaming through her bedroom window. "Today's going to be a good day,
I think I'll watch some TV," she thought to herself as she pulled on
her duffle coat and skipped down the stairs. However, when she
wandered into the kitchen to make herself some breakfast she found her
mother slumped on the lino with a basket of food and an empty bottle
of gin lying beside her. Her mother rolled her bloodshot eyes towards
her and slurred

"Yehgramasicegen. Tekerissfoodorahltanyeride."

Red Duffle Coat was used to her mother's drinking, and translated her
vocalisations as this:

"Your dear grandmother has been taken ill again. Could you be a
darling and pop around with this basket of food for her? I'd do it
myself, but mummy's feeling poorly today."

After mulling over this for a few moments Red Duffle Coat agreed to do
this for her mother, as the bruises were still there from the last
time she'd disobeyed her, and besides, grandma had Sky Digital, so she
picked up the basket and skipped off.

To get to her grandmother's, Red Duffle Coat had to cross a big park.
As she opened the rusty gate she noticed a strange looking man sat on
a bench staring at her. He had big yellow eyes and seemed to be
covered in grey hair, but she couldn't be sure because he wore a long
coat that concealed most of his body. Bravely Red Duffle Coat plucked
up the courage to walk on, but as she passed him he called out in a
growly voice

"Little girl, would you like a sweetie?"

Little Red Duffle Coat remembered being told somewhere not to take
sweets from strangers, (which seemed odd to her, but probably made
sense to someone else.) and told the man this. He looked thoughtful
for a moment, then grinned broadly, showing a mouth full of pointed
yellow teeth and, holding out his hand said:

"My friends call me Wolf. You must be the little Red Duffle Coat
everyone says so many nice things about. Now we're not strangers any
more! Its delightful to meet you, I do love an innocent child."

"Its nice to meet you mister Wolf" said little Red Duffle Coat shaking
his hand "but I must go now, my grandma is sick and I'm taking her
this basket of food." Because even though she was a little bit...

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