Low Testosterone, The Cause, The Cure

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As you age, your body goes through many phases in its life time some phases for the better while some phases for the worse. When you reach past your 40s, your body starts to decline and the specific hormone testosterone will slowly diminish. With testosterone on the decline, you will start to lose many aspects of being a male. The effects of low testosterone will not only affect you, but also your partner and your style of life. I am here to prevent suffering due to low testosterone. In this essay, you will learn what testosterone is, how it is made, the affects it has human, the causes and ultimately the cure to low testosterone.
What is testosterone and how can it affect you? (Stated by Floyd) in Personal Health 4th edition (pg 103) “Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testes that regulates male sexual development”. This is true but there is much more than just regulating male sexual development. Testosterone is a hormone found in body and it travels in your blood stream to difference parts of your body to regular body functions and sexual characteristics of the mind and body. It is at its peak in the morning and lowest at night. Testosterone produced by the testes do not only regulate male sexual development but it also cause facial and pubic hair, deep voices in males, taller in height, stronger and bigger muscle, changes in fat distributions. In male sexual development, testosterone is important because it manages libido, stronger and fuller erections, penis growth and size, sexual potency and sperm production. Without normal range of testosterone in the human body, you will start to lose the manliness in you.
There are many causes of low testosterone. In order to correct the effects, you must know the cause. As you age past your 40, your body starts to decline and is no longer growing the way it was when you were 10 years old. Demographically, stated by the US National Library of Medicine, “factors associated with low testosterone included age” What does that mean? Statistic data states that a large population of males 60 years of age and older is at risk for low testosterone. (According to Floyd) In Personal Health 4th edition (2008, pg 466), Disorders Related to Aging; it gives problems with sexual functioning as you age. Stated by Floyd, “More time is required to achieve an erection, an erection is more difficult to maintain, the angle of the erection decreases, ejaculation is less forceful. Sperm production decreases, more time is required between orgasms”. Unfortunately this is fact but aging is certainly not the only reason for low testosterone. The other reasons of low testosterone could be obesity (confirmed by Mazur, Allan) Is Rising Obesity Causing a Secular (Age-Independent) Decline in Testosterone among American Men has been suggested that both declines in testosterone (individual-level and population-level) are due to increasing male obesity because men in industrial society tend to add body fat as they age, and overall...

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