Minimalist Style Décor Essay

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When it comes to modern interior design styles, more and and more designers are developing an affinity towards the minimalist style. The very basic theme of minimalist decorating style is to incorporate the idea 'less is more' while tactically reducing the place to its necessary elements without compromising on the aesthetic allure. This chic style of interior design creates a visually appealing look of extreme simplicity with clear lines and open spaces.
What is minimalist design style?
Minimalist interior style describe the style of interior decoration which uses tactics to arrange the very essential elements in a room to create a visually pleasing impression of extreme simplicity yet elegance. All elements and details while planning interior décor for minimalist style homes are so designed that they serve a legion of functional and visual purposes rather than unique ones. This style borrows inspiration heavily from the Asian style of interior decoration especially the Japanese style.
Difference from other styles
The main difference of minimalist style as compared to other styles of modern and traditional style décor is the lack of too many ornamentations. The structure is created using relatively simple but elegant use of basic geometric shapes. All the components follow the same pattern for design unity. Furniture, lighting and paints are usually in natural textures and colour tones which provide a neat and orderly look.
Tricks and tips for home decorating minimalist style
Be inspired by the minimalist looks you have seen around in interior design shops, offices or magazines. Aside from the clean look, the minimalist style makes your home absolutely clutter free and consequently stress free as well.
Colours – Colour or rather the lack of it forms the core of this design style. The most preferred colour for...

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