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Minimally Adequate Education In The State Of South Carolina

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In the state of South Carolina, public school students are educated on a lower level than they are striving to complete. They are taught on the expectation of acquiring only a minimally adequate education, which only requires the rudimentary knowledge of the primary subjects. With expectations set beneath the level students should be learning, they are being hindered from seeing and reaching their full potential and lose sight of the dreams they have for their futures. Often these students become trapped in their social and cultural capitals due to these low expectations. Minimally adequate education provides the foundation for a lower quality of life and if left unchanged will create larger social and cultural dilemmas. The concept of minimally adequate education in South Carolina’s educational system must be changed in order to better the lives of the students and to prevent the hindering of our students by continuing to “norm” them to low expectations.
Minimally adequate education ,as defined by the South Carolina Supreme Court, is, “the ability to read, write and speak the English language, and knowledge of mathematics and physical science; a fundamental knowledge of economic, social and political systems, and of history and governmental processes; and academic and vocational skills” (Click 4). With the definition for minimally adequate education, schools are not provided with sufficient criteria that can be equally be applied or retrieved across South Carolina. Educational institutions are unable to educate their students with an adequate education because minimally adequate education does not provide effective criteria for surpassing the issues of a student’s cultural capital; thus it cannot be equally applied across the state. Students of the South Carolina public school system are only given the quality of education that is provided by the schools in their area. Schools are solely required to provide rudimentary knowledge under minimally adequate education; in this way if you are located in an underprivileged part of the state your education is less satisfactory than of a student in an upper-class part...

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