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Minimizing The Effect Of Natural Disasters

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Throughout human history storms have been brewed from the center of the earth and claimed the lives of millions if not billions of people and such large amounts of damage to everything around us. Between 2000 and 2012, natural disasters caused $1.7 trillion in damage and affected 2.9 billion people.( Can we minimize the damage caused by natural disasters? The answer is always yes you can always try to stop things like this it just matters about how much will people put into protecting their own lives and the lives of others. People always want to have peace of mind that nothing will happen to them but things do happen these storms get stronger and stronger and start destroying things and killing people.

Can we minimize the damage caused by natural disasters? It can be minimized but its a hard thing to do. One article spoke of how the natural disasters take centuries to transform the geographical features of land the man has changed took place in less than ten years time. ( Be Mindful of Land Use) This happened in Harsil in Uttarakhand. Trees started falling in the forests in the mountains and hillsides gradually result in removal of fertile soil from the topsoil of the land and makes the land barren and not usable for things like farming and makes it useless. These types of lands become infertile and start eroding in a short period of time because of that. Besides they become more likely to get hit by sudden floods during rainy season. Incessant and unscientific quarrying is another threat which causes breaking or shaking of stones on the surface landscape by the use of hard hitting machines like JCB. This does harm to houses and other types of buildings that are by that area and they can be crushed and destroyed because of that. Looting of land violating scientific norms of land use pattern for selfish interests makes environment fragile.
A large amount of areas have been seen in Western Ghats by experts who have studied about the region. Small states like Kerala where urbanisation progresses at a rapid pace all the these problems are occurring because of that. The mismatch between the limited land area and growing population has already made the land scarce. Not caring of this fact is not using these all in the right way will bring in horrific effects for the next generation to come. (Be Mindful of Land Use) The article explains so much of how natural disaster are destroying so much because people ruined the land and now the natural disasters are very deadly to people. Erosion is a caused by water and things like flooding which is a natural disaster that destroys areas and kills people as well as destroys the land. Same thing goes for natural disasters like tsunamis and other disaster which they are caused by earthquakes. All of these natural disasters coincide with each other one is derived from one another. In the way that an earthquake will occur underwater and form tsunami’s that are just giant wave that...

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