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Minimum 5 Qualities And Skills Of A Good Nurse, Then Relate The Qualities/Skills To Daily Nicu Neonatal Nursing.

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Nursing is a dedication to help healing others. Nurses are an important vital part in providing care to patients. The care that is provided to patients will make a significant impact on how the patient recovers as well as how quickly they do. A few qualities that a good nurse possesses are that they are kind and compassionate, alert and attentive, have excellent communication skills and a constant will to learn. Many nurses are remarkably trained in providing the absolute best quality of care to patients. Nursing is not about the skills and qualities that a person can gain through working, but qualities that a person is born with which make them a fantastic nurse.
Having a kind and compassionate sense is an important part of working as a nurse. Majority of people are kind and compassionate towards each other in their daily lives. Compassion is the feeling of concern, sympathy and sorrow for others. NICU nurses must have natural born chacteristics to help those infants that are ill in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Nurses typically working in the NICU need to have a motherly nurturing intuition to provide quality care for the babies as they are not able to have contact with their mother because of their condition. It is simple to care for a healthy individual, but when there is a baby that needs your care to get well, it is vital for the nurse to be kind and compassionate. Compassion is the thing that makes a nurse understand the difficulty, pain, and discomfort and comforts patients when they are their worst and best. A NICU nurse should have the ability to combine their medical skills along with natural sympathy and love for the baby to provide the upmost kind and compassionate quality of care.
Nurses also need to have a sense of empathy. Empathy is the ability and willingness to understand what a person is going through and the feeling of others. Good nurses have empathy towards their patient’s pain and discomfort. When a patient is facing a challenge, being empathetic allows you to put yourself in their position and understand what they are going through and the challenges they face. In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the babies are faced with many various challenges, and being able to empathize will give you a sense of what they go through from day to day. Being empathetic to a patients hospital stay will be a vital benefit in their patient care.
As a nurse, another essential aspect in providing good care is efficient communication skills which include being a good listener. NICU nurses have an importance to communicate surgical procedures, treatment plans, and medical terminology to the child’s parents as well as instruct parents how to care for their newborn. They also communicate with doctors about the parent’s concerns. Nurses work in stressful environments, therefore it can be simple for a nurse to be in a rush to get other tasks done, and not take the time to adequately and patiently communicate with the patient or...

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