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Minimum Wage Should Minimum Wage Be Raised?

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There has been many reasons and issues as to raised the minimum wage that it should be raised. The minimum wage should be raised because increasing the wage, jobs will have better services for those employs cause it helps everyone pay debts, and although some workers may be laid off the taxes would be raising higher and people would have less government help.
Federal minimum wage that increase does better for the employment because it will provide better equipments for many employes that are working in the job, not only that but it also gives each employ the best support such as the security help in case if any accidents may happen within the job. which brings the people that are ...view middle of the document...

As the minimum wage raises to a good value the big issues are as impacted with the people. Many of the workers that are unskilled or undergradute may be laid off and that a big issue many people have because they need the support to provide for their families. Minimum wage also leads to the education which students that do want to go to college can’t really afford it because of the cost and also the united states will give the people less gov. help like the finacial aid and the higher the wage the higher the prices get which leads to taxes as well and some people won’t have the money to pay for food and supplies much because of the federl money that’s raising and people that are not working but are helped by the government will be getting less help on what they need be, like the obama health care the higher everything goes the worse for those that need help not to mention education as said in the book, How can the poor be helped (pg. 57) by; Thomas Gale, it states,”..of a living on a minimum low wage likewise overlook the vote of education in boosting earning, and not just for the richest american.” meaning that the richest should get lower incomes or even better to make the whole economic equal on the wage and on the income.

An increase of a couple of dollars per hour or more could make a huge impact towards the national government money because it heads to less food stamps. So for those people allows them to have a good and better of equality for everyone in particular and at the end of the year so rather it to high jacked the economic system and make it work less more of what it is working to itself. Yet the problem again with our world today, is that growing between the real wage the productivity has violated the traditional relationship for it and consumption. In small terms if the minimum wage raise strongly the purchases for the workers will perhaps get laid off or not getting the amount money they need, it is just a really huge impacted on it. Not only does it effect on workers but also on their families. at it said in the websit; by Kevin Hasset he states that raising lthe minimum wage would result in not only loss jobs but the profits and adopting prices would increase as well which inclubs the gas prices. (First Chapter).

Today people still are having issues with raising the minimum wage. In 2014 president, Obama talks about raising it because a lot of people need help with health care. This means that it provides insurance to more than 3 million young americans. “I’m going ti keep pushing...

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