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Minimum Wage Vs. Housing Wage Gap Kean Sales Letter

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Dior Hinton
1000 Morris Avenue
Union, New Jersey 08075
November 19, 2017
Bernie Sanders
United States Senator
1 Church Street, 3rd Floor
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Re: Housing Crisis
Dear Bernie Sanders,
As you very well know, billions of Americans are living beyond their needs, putting essential responsibilities off, sacrificing the things we take for granted, and working around the clock with poor wages every day. Americans are struggling day to day to maintain their housing needs. “Today, the U.S. is becoming a "renter nation. That's especially true in metropolitan regions, where land is scarce and expensive for single-family home construction.” (Fettke 1) The issue of housing affordability is extremely scarce here in America, many Americans simply cannot afford due to many factors that I will discuss. The recommended percentage that a person should be spending on their housing needs should be no more than 30% of their income but millions of citizens are paying 50 % or more. (Desmond 1)
During my research I have seen a few solutions to try to combat the housing crisis. I believe what needs to be considered is the idea of mixed housing. The idea of mixed housing would include tenants with various income levels living in the same development. Mixed housing has been seen in Chicago, Illinois and can be a successful solution to the crisis as it has also been successfully done in Singapore. Singapore was once a country that had a huge housing crisis. Singapore has totally reshaped their housing development and incorporated the idea of mixed housing into public housing with the option of having their residents rent to own their apartments. The need would be to focus first on our urban cities where Americans are suffering the most. A perfect example would be an urban town such as Camden, New Jersey and a modest to luxury town such as Cherry Hill, New Jersey. In addition to the mixed housing we can have the tenants rent to own their apartments through government assistance loans that they afford on an individual basis as they are done in Singapore. To supply these loans government will also have increase funding through government programs like Section 8, Public Housing and privately owned subsidized housing except the funding will be geared towards helping people rent to own their apartment homes. I chose you Senator Sanders to help assist me in combating the housing crisis because of your strong political background and will to help solve this issue. You have previously discussed housing and wages during your campaign to become our nations next President, so I am confident your need to solve this issue is prevalent. In addition to you working along with Congresswoman Barbara Lee as the original authors of the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Act, that became a law in 2008, to build preserve, rehabilitate and operate rental housing for severely low-income tenants.
The Problem
One of issues of housing affordability is that Americans are not...

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