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Minimum Wage: What It Does For You

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The Fair Labor Standards Act; also known as FLSA, was signed in 1938 by Franklin D. Roosevelt. This created a way so all workers were making an entry wage, that helped people out of poverty. When it was signed, the minimum wage was 25 cents an hour, and workers could only work 44 hours a week. Since then, the minimum wage has increased due to the price of living, and is currently at $7.75 (U.S Department and Labor). However, many states have passed laws raising the wage, therefore the state minimum wage is above the federal wage. Raising the minimum wage is ideal to the United States, because it can decrease poverty rates, create new jobs, and likely increase employee productivity. ...view middle of the document...

She is constantly worried about money, and whether her car will breakdown on the way to work (True Stories of the Minimum…). This is happening all around the United States. People are stressed, which reduces productivity, causing the economic market to become less active.
Many families, also live in or near poverty; poverty is where you earn below the average living costs. Americans who receive minimum wage as their primary salary, earn around 15,000 dollars a year. This is only if they work 50 work weeks a year, and average 40 hours a week (Benefits of Raising…). For people to have a “comfortable” living, they need to make at least 30,000 a year. This barely covers necessities with spare change, but people would not be “scraping” by and be able to put some money back into the economy. Which would cause the economy to increase in activeness.
Countless politicians and americans feel as though there would be more layoffs, less hirings, and a price increase in goods. In addition, many states already have a higher minimum wage, than that set by the federal government(The.). However, by raising the minimum wage, it would level the economic field, and cause everyone to not be in poverty. In 2012, 32 out of 51 states had a minimum wage less than $8.00. This isn’t including the states with no minimum wage laws, or those that have it lower than the...

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