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Mining Group Gold Essay

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Mining Group Gold Process
The mining group gold process is a team process and meeting management process that combines the key ideas, experience and wisdom of everyone in order to improve the functionality of the organization. The first basic process is determination of the purpose of the session or meeting. This entails the process of outlining the objectives and laying down the aims of what is expected from the meeting or session. This step lays the foundation for all the next steps in order to provide a successful meeting or session. This second step is concerned with the foreseeable results and desired outcomes of the meeting or session. The desired outcomes, much like the purpose, are ...view middle of the document...

According to Mitchell (2011), the steps when approaching an emotionally charged question is “listen effectively then acknowledge the emotional concern and finally restate the issue in a neutral manner.” When listening effectively it is imperative to not judge or make decisions based on someone’s emotional concerns and fully hear what they have to say. Then acknowledge their concern even if the individual is very emotional it is important understand their emotion and their concern. This will allow you to go to the next step in restating the issue in a neutral manner by stripping the original question of any emotional attachments the individual might have. This will show the individual you listened to them and will allow you to effectively mine group gold without any emotions.
Benefits of Mining Group Gold
There are many benefits to using the mining group gold process in any organization. It will provide clear direction for utilizing the potential of each team member thus able to foster collaboration and innovation for the organization. According to Kayser (2010), “the mining group gold process is essential to building and maintaining a strong team for any organization.” The key reason for having a strong team...

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