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Mining With Gold Essay

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3. Assign the roles of facilitator, scribe, and timekeeper.
Assigning the role to people will make sure that each person will be make sure that at one time or another that each member of the group will be more interactive. The members will also know who has what job and to possibly talk more at them rather than the group. This would only be in the case of the scribe. Assigning the roles would be telling three people what their job will be during the meeting. The timekeeper will make sure that they keep track of the time each topic is discussed. He or she will also make sure that each time is followed that is assigned to the topic. The scribe will write everything that is discussed and what ...view middle of the document...

Nothing would be get done. Setting time for each agenda goes hand and hand with deciding the outcome of the meeting.

What are the steps for dealing with emotions during a session or meeting? (9 points)
There are four steps to dealing with the emotions. The first step to dealing with emotions during a session or meeting is to stay neutral. “You need to encourage individuals to express their sentiments, process them in an organized way.” (Kayser, 2010, pg.) This allows everyone feeling to be heard fully. You always want to stay neutral in the process to keep from hurting one party or another’s feelings. You also do not want to add your own feelings because it would only add to the tension. The third is acknowledging the feelings are real. By an organized manner you want to take either one feeling or person at a time. This can be processed in a more efficient and effective manner. I believe if you acknowledge the feeling and process in a positive manner, then you will be able to cope with them better. The last step to dealing with the emotions that come up in a session is to manage the feelings in an organized manner. You want to make sure that is it in an organized...

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