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Ministry Of Gender Equality Should Be Banned

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Some years ago, the environment of women’s human rights was bad so women created a lot of women’s organization, protected, and took care of themselves. These days, the Korean government made Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. At first time, they use a lot of money and protect women. However, some years later, they changed act from “for family” to “only for women”. Moreover, a lot of women’s organization follow them. And is braver than before. Therefore, women’s human rights can take again their stable human rights. However, they didn’t stop, and now, they work for only their benefits or women. These days, they make many social problem and do contradiction. If we ban ‘Ministry of Gender Equality and Family’, Korean Gender Equality will be better then before.
First, they make a lot of female-only areas. For example, parking lots, smoking zone, bus seats, and so on. However, they have reasons. “These days, the crime of focusing on female is increase so we should make many kinds of ‘female-only’ areas, and protect them”. On the other hand, many people say it’s encouraging of male discrimination because it’s too increase for men to live comfortable. And the leader of men’s organization said, “The goal of a lot of women’s organization is improving women’s social statue, getting recognition from social, and standing on Korea. However, these days, they say women have to be protected by social. It’s a opposite meaning and a funny story.”(Sung, Jae Gi, 2013)
Second, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family made very strange plan in 2006. It was “If you don’t a sex slave in company mess, you will got a supporting about cost of mess.”(Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, 2006). Why did they this event? Well.. sometimes, crew of huge Korean company did sex slave in company mess because it’s survival plan of low level companies and huge company have a lot of money and works so if small company want to get some work and reward, they have to...

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