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Minnesota's Department Of Human Services´ Failed Program Analysis: Minnesota's Department Of Human Services

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In today's business world, the major issue with failed IT projects relates back to poor organizational procedures. With that being said, project failures are not that uncommon when dealing with major undertakings within a company. These failures could be due to constant change in conditions of the project, uncooperative management, culture and lack of communication. Consequently, “Only in the most unusual circumstances does bad technology doom a project to failure” (Krigsman, 2011, p.1).
When major IT project failures occur it usually turns out to be heavily favored towards second-rate communication standards and lack of judgment from project managers and key stakeholders. This would be the case in Minnesota's Department of Human Services (DHS) project, known as HealthMatch. resulting in millions of dollars wasted on a dead end project. Krigsman (2011) stated, that HealthMatch was budgeted for $13 million, key components of the system were to include, a health care rules engine, work flow charts for employees, and a portal system to initiate cases into the system.
However, this project was set up to fail from the start, due to one major stakeholder, Minnesota Department of Human Services. The DHS had enormous amounts of errors within the income statements not matching correct incomes, false reports of insurance and total project oversight miscues.
A project of this size was outsourced to several companies along the way, resulting in way to many dropped project managers having to pick up where the other one left off. This project cycle caused many snags along the way developing major gaps in completion times. It seems as if the scope of the project never had a definite plan of action, thus, bouncing around like a ball in a room with no where to go.
Within this project, there were different stakeholders that had an influence on the entire project. However, each group had personal objectives and needs coupled with group responsibilities as a

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