Minor Character Analysis Of Shakespeare Play Lsu English 2148 Essay

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Professor Demastes
English 2148
September 27
Minor Character Analysis
Malvolio's character in Twelfth Night, or What You Will has a main role to be the steward
of Lady Olivia and to also supervise the other servants in the household. Malvolio has a yearn to
be of higher superiority that comes with unfavorable outcomes. Malvolio can be described as a
bit of a perfectionist and negative character that cause conflicts throughout the play with the
other characters. Although Malvolio is considered a minor character, he is imperative to the play
as his character shows how lack of empathy can isolate you from what is around you.
The character of Malvolio in Twelfth Night, or What You Will demonstrates how being
serious all the time can have its turn in the end. Malvolio appears first in act one scene one when
invited to give his opinion on Olivia's fool, Feste. With Malvolio's overall personal traits not
showing much of a since of humor, a clown is not the most amusing thing to him as he states, " I
marvel Your Ladyship takes delight in such / a barren rascal. I saw him put down the other day /
with an ordinary fool that has no more brain than a / stone."(1.5.80-83) A harsh insult with a
scornful, overconfidence choice of words Malvolio chooses as he quickly jumps to criticize
Feste's humor; however, as a court fool Feste is highly dependent upon his work in Olivia's
household in order to make his living. One can see where this cause tension for if Olivia were to
share these same views, the fool would simply be out of work. This reflects poorly on Malvolio
since he is showing an obvious barbaric attitude and showing a tremendous deficiency of
understanding. For in reality, Malvolio is said to be in the same boat as Feste for they both are
reliant on staying in Olivia's household for their lively hood making his first appearance a bit of
an unnecessary ruthless way to be introduced into the play.
Olivia concludes to Malvolio's comment, "Oh, you are sick of self-love" she then
furthered into saying, "To be generous, guiltless, / and of free disposition is to take those things
for bird / bolts that you deem cannon bullets."(1.5.87-90) Bird bolts are known as flat headed,
harmless arrows, meaning Olivia is making a comparison to tell Malvolio that he should not
overreact of Feste's jokes, playful puns, humor, and twists. Olivia tells Malvolio he should not
see them as cannon bullets which causes her imagery to assume that Malvolio may have
preoccupations that restrain him of his vicious, harsh exterior...

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