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Minorities Getting The Benefits Essay

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In many instances in America, preconceptions about minority races influence the way people treat the people of these minority groups. Because of these stereotypes, people are taunted every day, and put down, just because of the ethnicity that they were born with. These people have a harder time showing their personality due to the fact that people around them have already have preconceptions of how that person must be. One example of this is that universities in the U.S. give minority groups a boost on their college application. This kind of process is often called affirmative action; the idea of making sure that people of minority groups get into colleges, which frequently raises controversy.(add transition) Universities should not take race and gender into consideration in college applications because it can reduce the reputation of the school, gives minorities an unfair advantage to get into colleges, and causes unprepared minority students to drop out of college.
To begin with, race and gender should not be taken into consideration in universities because a university’s reputation can be tarnished because of racial and gender profiling. On a survey polling four hundred sixty-two admissions counselors resulted in one-fourth of the counselors saying they had been pressured by their faculty to accept students based things such as the income of the family and because of the atheletic attributes of the student. The counselors said that they accepted minorities despite the fact that they performed at a lower standard than the other students that have applied. This shows that regardless of their performance minority groups are being given priority in various universities. If these minorities are given admission and perform at low standards then the quality of education at these respective universities is almost certain to drop. Additionally, on, an article by Teresa Wiltz, a writer, shows that minority groups are getting worse grades than people of other races. When there are low scoring kids it is often an indication of bad study skills, among other things, which can often be detrimental to a school. Lastly, on an article on the, Dr. Russel K. Neili, a lecturer at Princeton University, explains how Asian students have to work harder to get into a college of their choice because of the fact that minority groups get a boost on their application simply because of their racial status. With this process minority groups often get an unfair advantage against other majority groups such as Caucasians and Asians. In the end, race and gender profiling should not be used in universities, because the quality of education in the university may go down.
Secondly, universities should not give advantages to minority races when admitting students because it indefinitely gives them an advantage over students of other races. In the Supreme Court Case Grutter vs. Bollinger, the Supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional...

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