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Minority Development Throughout American History Essay

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Riza Shrestha
History 7A
Nola Hadley Torres
15th May 2014
Answer for question 1
In the year 1800 whites started to move into westward in very large numbers. The white settlers mostly settled in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois in the North whereas Alabama and Mississippi in the south (Zinn). As the white expanded into lower South it became problem for them as it was home to Indian tribes Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole. The white settlers wanted to grow cotton and also the government thought the land would be very suitable for agriculture and farming. During that time Thomas Jefferson began the President of the Unites States and he made treaties with the Chickasaw tribe guaranteeing their land (Zinn). In 1814 Andrew Jackson a war hero fought battle with the Creeks known as Battle of Horseshoe Bend. In this battle he seized lot of land of the Creeks in Alabama and Georgia. The battle caused a lot of death on the Creeks side. Also the Creeks tried the non-violent resist by adopting the white civilization so that they could live in peace.
In 1814-1824 Jackson was able to negotiate treaties with many tribes in exchange of land in the west. Tribes agreed to this as a result of planned reasons so that they can keep rest of their land and also protect themselves from white harassment. Due to these treaties the government was able to control three-quarters of Alabama and Florida, some part of Georgia, Mississippi and North Carolina. This was the time of voluntary Indian migration but only a small group of people moved from Creeks, Cherokee and Choctaw tribes. Andrew Jackson ordered “Indian removal Act” from which all the misery of the Indian tribe started. In order to survive, coexist and resist the five tribes also adopted western civilization of farming, keeping slaves and education. And other resisting strategy was ceding part of their land.
Cherokee tribe chooses legal ways to protect themselves and also adopted a written constitution declaring themselves sovereign nation. But State of Georgia did not approve of this status. In 1829 gold was discovered in Cherokee tribe that increased the number of white settlers. The white settlers destroyed the Indian property and also captured their land. They forced Indian’s to sign treaty and used to torture the ones who protested against them (Zinn). Also the white settlers used to sell alcohol so that they can take advantage of their situation (Zinn). Than Cherokee tribe were tricked into signing a very unfair treaty The Treaty of New Echota. The Cherokee later protested it but the government ignored their demands. Than in 1838 government sent troops that forced them to migrate while the white settlers robbed their homes, which lead to march, known as Trail of Tears. Creeks disagreed to move and also fought war to protect themselves. But they had signed the treaty known, as Treaty of Washington that opened huge portion of their land in Alabama to white settlement and the government would...

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