Minority Women In Business: Data And Research

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Minority Women in Business: Data and ResearchIn a previous report, the issue of minority women in business, specifically those reaching high level positions in corporate America, was presented. In this report, primary data will be gathered, by way of a survey administered to two newspaper corporations, and secondary data will be gathered, by way of internet and University library research. This data will show that a barrier is felt by many women when trying to achieve the goal of "top dog" in the business world.Primary Data SurveyThe Washington Post is a local newspaper based out of Washington, D.C. The paper had national recognition because of its location. Gannett Media is a much larger news corporation. Gannett is the owner of USA Today and many other newspapers across the country. As an avenue for primary data, a survey was created and presented to 60 executive female employees of The Washington Post. Of these 60 surveys, 46 people responded. This same survey was also presented to 60 female employees at Gannet Media. Of these surveys, 38 people responded. The questions on this survey are listed below.1.Do you have an Associates Degree?2.Do you have a Bachelor's Degree?3.How long have you been with your company?4.Do you consider yourself a minority?5.Do you believe that you are being paid fairly?6.Do you believe that male employees that have the same experience and performance level as you get paid the same or more than you?Over 80% of the women surveyed at The Washington Post were post college graduates with at least a Bachelors Degree. Only 22% of those women answered negatively to question five and six. Only 56% of those surveyed from Gannett Media had postgraduate degrees. 48% of those respondents answered negatively to the same questions. Of the 22% of the women who responded negatively to questions five and six at The Washington Post a whopping 70% were minorities. Of those minorities 100% were college graduates with at least a Bachelors Degree. Of the 59% of the women who responded negatively to questions five and six at Gannett Media, only 30% were minorities. Of those minorities 100% were college graduates with at least a Bachelors Degree.These survey results suggest that few female minorities are holding high positions in these companies. The minority women who do make it to the executive levels have higher levels of education, but believe that they are not being treated as fairly as their male counterparts. If these companies are an accurate example of other employers in the country, then this proves that a huge disparity in the pay and promotion of minority women versus men in the workforce does exist.Secondary DataIn an effort to further explain the issues facing minority women trying to break into executive positions within corporate America, primary data was not enough. Secondary data, obtained from multiple sources, needs to be researched. The methods used in order to gather supportive information began by searching the...

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