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Minors Being Tried As Adults Essay

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Guilty! As the gavel hits the sound block, everyone is amazed at the verdict. This teenage boy is sentenced to a life in prison without parole. As you read this in newspapers, magazines, and even online, what goes through your head? You may be thinking, “Why is this teen being tried as adult, he is just a kid?” While he is “just a kid”, and this is a widely held opinion, but it is not mine. Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults? Absolutely. Just because minors are young they do have the ability to know what is right from wrong. Since these minors have committed the crime, they need to be held accountable. If a minor has acted as an adult, they need to be treated like adults. Lastly, minors need to know that their actions have consequences, no matter what age.
As minors commit violent crimes without being held accountable, they can grow up to be real criminals and they can be very dangerous. Without a solid foundation of what is right and wrong, these minors will grow up believing that their actions are the norm. For this reason, minors need to be held accountable. They need to be taught that they cannot get away with their crimes. In 2007, courts with juvenile jurisdiction handled an estimated 1.7 million delinquency cases. Delinquency cases include vandalism, shoplifting, robbery, and murder. These are just some of the crimes minors can commit. This was up by forty-four percent from 1985. If a minor grows up believing that crime is acceptable, they will repeat the pattern. Without interrupting the pattern and making them accountable, these minors will always have a twisted sense of right and wrong. A sense of what is right and wrong is important and can be learned at any age. Minors learn very young, what is right and wrong and adults do not give them very much credit for that.
Parents allow their minors to get away with a lot without many consequences.In my own experience at school, I see classmates getting away with a lot. These classmates might drink, do drugs, or cheat and nobody tries to reprimand them. If minors commit the crime, they need to be taught they can not get away with what they have done. An eleven old gunman holds up a store for eight dollars. A pair of teenage girls rob and kill a cab driver. A pair of teenage boys rob a teacher using a .375 magnum. These are all cases where the minors got away with the crimes they committed. This is a good example of what happens when the justice system did not hold the minor accountable for the crime. In Florida 2001, fourteen year old Lionel Tate was charged with murder. He was “practicing wrestling moves” on his six-year old neighbor, Tiffany Eunick. People wondered whether he was actually practicing wrestling moves on her or brutally beat. The police experts say it was a brutal beating when they found 35 injuries on the poor girl. He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. The difference between these two cases clearly highlights the way...

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