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Wonders Essay

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WONDERS There are several aspects of the universe which excite our minds by surpassing our expectations or experiences or seeming inexplicable. Thus, they strike us with bewilderment and curiosity. Hence, these miraculous events or structures are the wonders of the world. So what do you wonder about? Do the Grand Canyon and Pyramids of Giza amaze you? Or what about the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus? Yes, perhaps these structures do spark your imagination. But how about the remarkable and grand wonders which not only fail to contain an answer, but are beyond our intellect to comprehend? The minds of genuises, successful philosophers, clever scientists could only speculate on the answers to these wonders. Experts may fail to satisfy or merely create theories which may approximate truth or be way off target. There are in fact, wonders that have an explanation, however some, fail to contain any logical explanation. These unanswerable wonders which leave the brightest people in a state of puzzlement, must be the unsurpassable wonders. One of the greatest wonders, which exceeds all known knowledge in the universe, is the universe itself.The universe - it consists of everything that exists anywhere in space and time. Distant space contains hundreds of billions of galaxies, all spread throughout the prodigious, immense universe. Presently, no one knows if the universe has a limited size. However, we do know that bright unusual objects, quasars, can be detected as far as sixteen billion light years away and it is probable that light from these quasars must have been given off over sixteen billion years ago to be seen today. There are many scientists who have formed theories concerning the universe, but all their attempts lack certainty. There are theories that state the universe is expanding and will continue expanding to an infinite distance. In contrast, some believe that the universe will extend to a certain amplitude and then all the galaxies will start coming together again until it reaches one dense cosmic ball. Or perhaps the Steady State theory better explains it; that matter is continuously created and formed into new galaxies that replace those which recede to infinite distances.So, one might deliver the question, why do we wonder about the universe? The answer is simple, no one today can stand up...

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