Miracles And Tragedies With Stem Cell Treatment

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Miracles and Tragedies with Stem Cell Treatment

This research paper will discuss about some life impacting cases from various sicknesses using stem cell treatments. It will cover a case in which have given people another chance to live a normal life. In one of the cases, the stem cell treatment has been able to cure a fatal genetic disease called RDEB for two young brothers. The second will show that after autologous stem cell transplantation a woman had died two days after.
A stem cell is a cell that can go on to become, basically, a different cell. What this means is that a stem cell isn’t programmed specifically to a job in the body, so with that the stem cell could be used to cure a sickness or a disease. Using the stem cell treatment two Minneapolis brothers receive a second chance to live a normal life like normal little boys without their fatal genetic disease (RDEB). However, it appears to be that stem cell treatment doesn’t cure all patients. A woman had died from cardiac after autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) for treatment of systemic sclerosis (Ssc). (O, Rosen et al, page 1)
Researchers have cured a fatal genetic disease in a 2-year-old boy using stem cells from umbilical cord blood and bone marrow. This accomplishment could be an opportunity toward opening the door for a variety of stem cell treatments. “Nates quality of life is forever changed,” said Dr. John Wagner of the University of Minnesota Medical
School, who performed the treatment. “Maybe we can take one more disorder off the incurable list.” ( Thomas H. Maugh II page 1)
Nate Liao, the 2-year-old boy Minneaplois boy, and his older brother have Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB), a genetic disease that affects one in every 100,000 children. These children don’t have sufficient amounts of a critical protein called Collagen Type VII, which anchors the skin and lining of the Gastrointestinal System. The children’s skin is so astonishingly fragile that with minimal friction, tearing and blistering can occur, consequently leading to painful wounds and scarring. (Thomas H. MaughII page 1) Since solid food provides erosion of the esophagus. Nate has been forced to eat pureed food But death most likely comes from malnutrition, infections, or aggressive skin cancer.
The only treatment has been to keep the sick children wrapped in bandages to protect and hold the skin preventing fatal complications. (Josephine Marcotty page 2, Thomas H. Maugh II page 1)Until now, Dr. Angela M. Christiano of Columbia University Medical Center developed an idea of using circulating stem cells to treat the disease in mice. ( Thomas H. Maugh II page 1) Along with Dr. John Wagner and Dr. Jakub Tolar a blood specialist at the University of Columbia helped Nate get the cells he needed in a full transplant using cord blood and bone marrow.(Josephine Marcotty page 2) This is the first time that cells from a bone marrow and cord blood had been used to treat the...

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