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Web 0.1, Web 0.2, Social Collaboration And Crowdsourcing

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Question 1: What is the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0? (~250 Words)

When comparing web 1.0 to web 2.0, we are faced with many differences in the way they both operate and how we, as users of the internet, operate it. As technology advances it is clear that the internet will advance with it, and thus, the World Wide Web has altered from web 1.0 to 2.0.

Here we are shown two images. On the left is the World Book Encyclopedia (during its web 1.0 format) and on the right is Facebook (web 2.0). When comparing the two, the difference between them is clear. With World Book Encyclopedia, the interaction between the online community and the webpage is limited. There is barely any user generated content, such as comments, reviews and feedback contributed to these webpage. We are only able to click and view information, thus, being in read-only format. Unlike Wikipedia, with World Book Encyclopedia, there would have been a group of employees who were involved in the process of constructing the site, however, no one outside of this group could contribute or alter the site.

As web 2.0 has come around, many advances have been made. With Facebook, it’s all about interaction. We are connected with people from all around the globe. In Web 2.0 we are able to contribute to the website and as a community, we essentially create the website. Websites like Facebook allow us to comment on friend’s posts, like pages, post onto the newsfeed, the list goes on.

Thus, web 2.0 is just an evolved version of web 1.0 as the information is still there, but what we can do as users of the internet have changed as we collaborate and share information.

Question 2: Define each of the following Web 2.0 usages: blogs; microblogs; wikis; social networks and networking. Include an example of each to support your answer. (~250 Words)
Blogs are a type of web page that allows individuals to create their own personal website that reflects the interests of the creator. Blogs are usually considered to consist of stories, feelings and updates. One commonly creates a blog through specific publishing software such as Tumblr.
Microblogs are similar to blogs as they both involve users interacting with the public. However, it involves the user publishing short text updates. An example of microblogging is where the user can only post entries up to 140 characters long.
Wikis are websites that allow users to have access to create information as well as edit it, thereby making it collaborative editing. The most commonly used wiki would be Wikipedia, which is an encyclopedia which can be edited by literally anyone.
Social networks are websites which brings people together to interact with one another. These websites facilitate in the creation of social networks by allowing one to talk and share information with their friends and also by finding people who they are likely to know. The most common form of social network is Facebook in which many social networks can be built.

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