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Misc Essay

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Involuntary Actions William Golding breaks down humans thoughts into three unique levels of thinking. While these three levels of thinking may not be agreed upon by everyone, Golding believes that level one thinkers commit actions without thinking about them, level two thinkers are more careful and observant, while level three thinkers are suppose to be on the top. Level three thinkers are for people that are open-minded and have lived life to the maximum. Golding's remarks could create an impact on society, if people clearly understand the value of being a level three thinker. By becoming a level three thinker you are able to see and understand life from a whole different perspective. A level three thinker does not judge and individual by physical appearances, he or she judges a person by the human being that he or she is. Making the level three thinker separated from the rest of the individuals that categorize human beings by physical appearance.William Golding shows in his essay "Thinking As A Hobby" some sort of controversy. My point of view is one of many that people may have in response to this elaborate essay. Golding expresses himself from three different perspectives.Golding makes points about committing actions without thinking, and questioning the authority of people being careful and observant, and being an open minded individual .For example, in his essay, he makes a point about trying to hit one of his classmates with a cricket ball. While Golding was not expecting his classmate to move he breaks the window. This is an example of a grade three thinker and the way that he thinks. This kind of person is closed minded and only sees one think, hitting his classmate, our minds respond automatically according to what we feel; it is not after we do something that we realize what we have done. This also is connected to what Golding said about breathing. We do not think that we are breathing, we just breath; but we can control our breathing if we wanted to. If we wanted to inhale air deeply we could, and vice versa if we wanted to hold our breath we could. For example in out subconscious we are thinking about what we are doing, but are just not aware of it all the time. We don't think of certain things we have to do we just perform these tasks. When you walk you don't first think that you want to walk, you just walk and are not aware that you are walking. This is done in your subconscious and you don't even have to worry about forgetting to think about walking, you just walk. Another point that Golding makes it that of paying extra attention to the small details. Like for example, you view life's perspectives in one way; but...

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