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Misconception And Misjudgment: Research And Interview Assignment

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For this interview, I have chosen a group in which for Asians overall and Vietnamese specifically, is seen as a low affinity group in which received many frown upon and disapprovals. This group is LGBT. LGBT is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. They are defined as people who are sexually attracted by other people of the same sex. History has shown that gay people have always been discriminated against; also they have been victims of violence and harassment in our own society because of their sexual orientation. Even in the Bible, Jesus asked the mankind to have children and since gay people don't have the ability to reproduce, therefore, homosexuality is considered an act of sin. This is why I chose this group seeing that they are considered low affinity to not only my group but to other groups as well.
The person that I picked to interview is one of my closest friends who came out as an openly gay man for around seven to eight years now. The reason why I chose him is because he have been discriminated and abused for the fact that he is a gay person. My interviewee’s name is Tom. I’ve known Tom for almost 15 years because his mother is a closed friend of my family. He was born and raised in an traditional Vietnamese family, but he was sent to a French school since he was six. Therefore, he has been very receptive and open-minded towards different cultures, people and genders. As growing up, he has heard a mixed package of both good and bad messages about the LGBT community, Vietnamese society was still very conservative and had negative perspective towards the LGBTQ community. This interview,
however, has changed my perspective as I learned more about his heartbreaking yet inspirational journey through life.
Tom grew up as an upper middle class Vietnamese in an urban area. His family constantly reminded him and his other siblings to not judge people based on race, creed, color, or gender. They tried to teach their kids on how to be a good person. As a result, Tom turned out to be a nonjudgmental, open minded and unbiased towards other groups. When he was born, he always knew that there was something a little bit different about him but he couldn’t figure out what it was. He told me during the time when he was trying to “discover” who he really was, the word “gay” terrified him and he knew that wasn’t a good thing. He remembers when he was younger, he used to picture the male toilet sign and put a big cross over it in his head, and for the female sign he would put a big green tick next to it. This proved to him that something was up. When he came out to his parents, they unexpectedly were overreacted, upset, and unsupported. They were miserable and took the news as a loss of the son they have known, especially his mother. They always thought they knew him from the day of his birth. They completely lost their perception they once had of him. He desperately told me, “It was hard enough for me to accept myself...

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