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Misconceptions Regarding The Magnetic And Electric Polarization

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Polarization is the separation of the negative and positive charges within an atomic object, a nuclear, and a chemical system. Through induction, the movement of electrons within an object mixes. The system or the object is has an excess of the negative electrons concentrated on one side while the other side has a concentration of positive electrons. This leads to concentration of the opposite charges on different ends of the object (Askeland and Pradeep 116). This paper studies the misconceptions and the confusions regarding the magnetic and the electric polarization. For instance, there is a misconception that “a magnetic field exerts a force on both the steady and the moving objects” (Fernandez and Wai-Yim 344), this is not the case always. The other misconception is that “magnets attract all metals.” This assumption is also false
Polarization applies to both the electric charges and the magnetic charges. Not all metals are magnetic, different metals have a different orientation of the dipoles. A magnet attracts an object that has electrons flow in the same direction. However, not all metals have their negative and positive charges orientated in the same line (Wiedemann 467). This always cancels the magnetic field if the charges were to flow in the same direction. The effect of flow of electrons in different directions is the creation of a stronger field that causes no attraction to the magnets. Scientific evidence dismisses the general idea that all metals are magnetic.
Polarization applies in electric charges by dielectrics. These dielectrics are objects that cannot conduct electricity but an electric field polarizes them. This means that their electrons and protons have the ability to move freely in all directions (Fernandez and Wai-Yim 322). However, if another charged object induces the object on the other hand, it rearranges its charge. The electric field in the object pushes the charge away. This results in the object having the electrons aligned in different directions. The negative charges moves away from the electric field while the positive charges attracts to the field thus will moving towards it. Therefore, because of polarization of electric objects, insulation of electrical wires is possible.
In addition, there is an assumption that electric fields can only result from moving charges and not from stationary charges. Moreover, there is a misconception that any wire that has current passing through it is automatic to have electric field around it (Wiedemann 466). This is never the case since not all current carrying wires are dielectrics. They are not capable of polarization by an electric field. This is so, due to the ability of their electrons and protons to move freely in all directions. They might create mobile electrons (Fujiwara 132). The current carrying wire posses both the positive and the negative charges, for this reason, as much as electric current can pass through it, an electric field is cannot be created around...

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