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Misconceptions of the World Many people approached and acted on the concept of the Columbus Quincentennial as though it were a national holiday to be recognize and appreciated. As the primary concept of the Yin Yang states in Asian cultures, there are two sides two everything in life. As opposed to the approach mentioned, a group composed of 300 Native men and women united in the highlands of Equador for the First Continental Conference of Indigenous Peoples with an opposing intention in mind. This intention was to explain to the world that "Columbus did not discover us." Though this purpose may appear to be straight forward, to this group intentions went deeper with the mindset of making it evident to the world that an already inhabited, established culture and land can not be discovered, Columbus only brought destruction and devestation to the Western Civilization, and that Columbus did not in fact discover, but only brought attention to the world.One of the most important and obvious points brought to attention was that you can not discover anything if the land was already inhabited. The inhabitants who had lived there for thousands of years were original Indigenous people with an established culture that was taken with deception. Because of this established culture, the Indians were flawed in a sense that they were too trusting and generous that before they knew that they were going to enslaved and tortured, they were very kind to the colonists because they were presented as friends and demi-gods. Due to these people in being naïve, they were then betrayed and the culture fell. Indians were forced into Catholisism and forced away from their culture and beliefs.Columbus also did not discover, but destruct and devestate Western Civilization which to these people, is comparible to Hitler and the Holocaust. Spaniards were excepted with...

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