Mise En Scene/Elements Of Moving Image Expression In "The Piano"

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"The Piano" is set during the 1800's so the women are all wearing long dresses and gothic looking clothing. They are also quite constrictive as they are quite tight and have funny petticoat things coming out of them. This shows the lack of freedom that the women have by being in a mans world and also the loss of language that Ada has. She has no freedom and no voice. This is also true for all the women in that the men have the most say over what they do.For the first part of the film the mother and daughter are wearing almost identical clothing clothes. This is a way ...view middle of the document...

Once Ada has her piano and is playing on the beach she begins to look more relaxed and the daughter is shown dancing and playing around in only a white petticoat. This is showing that the mother is happy and that the child is also happy and by dancing around she is doing what children do. Whilst the mother is still wearing black the daughter is in white and this is a happier color than the black. After this, the daughter starts to wear more white and she is happy with her new life in New Zealand.Ada mostly wears her hair tied back and away from her face. This is a way of showing that she is uptight and not relaxed. She only wears her hair loose after she has decided that she loves Baines. This shows that she is at ease and is happy. Her hair being down shows she is being more feminine than she usually is. She is vunerable.Ada is very pale and skinny. This makes her look as though she is powerless which she is as she is in a strange country with all these strange people and strange things happening to her.All the background characters are all dressed in browns, greys and dark colours. This means that with the main characters being dressed in black and tartan that they stand out more against the background which is also dark and depressing from mud and rain.

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