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The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott. Fitzgerald really focusses on the theme of misguided values throughout the book. The three individuals that are faced with issues on their personal goals are, Daisy, Jordan, and Gatsby. Gatsby has a deep obsession for Daisy and he does anything to make her fall in love, when Daisy herself is falling in love with everything surrounding Gatsby other than him, himself, and it seems as if Jordan is oblivious to the world. Fitzgerald uses image patterns in this book to represent flaws, those image patterns can be broken down into, voice, driving and the green light to illustrate the theme of misguided values.

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While Gatsby is throwing these shirts around the room trying to impress Daisy, she bends over and starts to cry into the shirts and says, “It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such-such beautiful shirts before” (89). Daisy makes it look like she is truly being intimate about something deeper than the shirts, she is not, she is happy again about the material possessions of Gatsby and how he has finally made it into the rich man she wants to have comfort her. The perfect way to define Daisy is materialistic, she does not care about anything personal and only needs somebody to care for her like Jordan does.

Fitzgerald uses the image pattern of Jordans driving to represent carelessness. In the novel Nick and Jordan were talking throughout the night and in one of their conversations he calls her a rotten driver and identifies her as a careless person. Nick narrated, “She passed so close to some workmen that our fender flicked a button on one mans coat” (59) during their conversation about her not being careful she says, “They’ll keep out of my way” (59) “It takes two to make an accident” (59). Jordan does not care about her surroundings, she depends on others to take care of her and look out for her, like her driving. Jordans driving is a lot like her life choices in broader terms, she seems to just make a decision and hope for the best without thinking about anything as well as being careless she also is reckless.

Fitzgerald uses the image pattern of Jordans reckless decisions to represent carelessness. Early in chapter three Nick and Jordan meet up at the party, while they are carrying on through Nick loses sight of Jordan and suddenly remembers the reckless things she has done. When Nick loses sight of Jordan he starts thinking to himself, “She left a borrowed car out in the rain with the top down, and then lied about it” (58) “A suggestion that she moved her ball from a bad lie in the semi final round” (58). Throughout this chapter Nick starts to realize how reckless Jordans decisions are with what she does, the recklessness that you would have to have to move your ball in your first professional golf game is enough to steer Nick away for a little bit. Also when she left the top down of a borrowed car and lied about it gave Nick the reckless impression of Jordan and might have made him feel more distance between the two of them. At the end of chapter three Jordan goes into a room with Gatsby for about an hour and comes out and says, “It was simply amazing” (53) “I swore I wouldn’t tell it but here I am tantalizing you” (53) another oblivious careless mistake that Gatsby tends to make often as well, not a good way to make friends.

Fitzgerald uses the image pattern of Gatsbys relationship with the green light to represent obsession. In this reading, Gatsby has a deep obsession for this green light across the lake from the beginning to end, and that green light represents Daisys love. In chapter two Nick was outside enjoying the...

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