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Misinterpretation And Its Consequences Essay

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Julius Caesar Theme Analysis Essay
Misinterpretations are the root of all tragedies, especially Julius Caesar. They have severe consequences like the loss of innocent lives, conflicts between friends, all the way to our inability to discern our friends from our foes. Each of these misinterpreting concepts is demonstrated in Julius Caesar. Cinna the poet’s death, Brutus’s betrayal, and Cassius’s misunderstanding of Titinius’s death are all scenarios that portray the theme of misinterpretation and its severe consequences.
First of all, the most important misinterpretation in this play is Caesar’s relationship with Brutus. For example, Caesar is dependent on Brutus as his utmost loyal companion, but in the end, Brutus ends up killing him. This shows that what we see is not always the reality. Caesar misinterpreted Brutus as his friend, when in actuality; Brutus was his number one enemy. In addition to that, Caesar misinterpreted Calpurnia’s dream and did not heed her advice or the bad omens that were presented. Caesar distrusted Calpurnia’s dreams and because of that, he got killed. Caesar had a big hand in his own death, not only because he trusted Brutus, but also because he ignored and misunderstood Calpurnia’s dreams.
Another misinterpretation happened between Cinna the Conspirator and Cinna the Poet. For example, Cinna, the poet, was killed because the public thought he was the conspirator. Unfortunately, the public got the poet and the conspirator confused, and because of that misunderstanding and misinterpretation, an innocent life was lost. In addition, the conspirator Cinna was also misinterpreted as a friend by Caesar, when in reality; he was Brutus’s accomplice in his tragic...

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