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Mision, Vision And Intent Of Masco Cabinetry

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Terri Briggs has been around the block. For the past twenty years she has been an accountant, a customer service person, a specialist and a manager. All of which she did with Masco Cabinetry. She has spent time in the “trenches” working her way up the corporate ladder while obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Development from Spring Arbor University. Terri is a Certified Human Resource Specialist and a Six Sigma Green Belt. Today Terri is the Manager of the Contract Review Center for Masco Cabinetry. Her experience in accounts receivable, human resources, and now in contracts have given her a wide range of knowledge about Masco Cabinetry. For these reasons, she was an excellent subject to interview.
Vision, Mission, Values, and Ethical Principles
Masco Cabinetry’s mission has always been to “Be the market leader in providing kitchen and bath solutions with meaningful innovation for customers, designers and consumers” (Employee Handbook, 2012). The company has been achieving success in one or more of those areas for the past 68 years. Each year Masco Cabinetry has developed new door styles, finishes, and products to meet the demands of homeowners and home builders.
As stated by Simpson (1994), the intent of a company’s vision should be to move forward and create enthusiasm amongst employees. Masco Cabinetry’s vision faltered in the early days of the recession. The vision created by its previous president was “One brand in one out of every two homes” (Employee Handbook, 2012). This vision, at the height of the recession was meant to create energy and drive, the opposite happened as many employees felt the goal was too lofty given the state of the economy. Today’s executive team is hard at work crafting a new vision for a rebranded company.
Masco Cabinetry’s ethics center on respect, honesty, and integrity. Speaking the truth and doing the right thing should never be frowned upon. Masco Cabinetry’s parent company Masco Corporation provides an ethics hotline and website that any employee can call at any time to raise concerns, ask questions, and report potential fraud. The benefit of having the hotline and website is that reports can be made anonymously so an employee does not have to be afraid of retaliation.
Masco Cabinetry’s values began with its founder Orville Merillat who lived by the phrase “do your best, and then some.” (“Merillat Brand Essence”, 2013) Today’s values reflect that sentiment on a company level and on an individual level. Have integrity, listen and participate actively, collaboration, continuous improvement, and a commitment to excellence all encompass Masco Cabinetry’s values. Today’s values reflect the hard work and accountability that has always been a part of Masco Cabinetry’s culture.
Masco Cabinetry’s values also stretch out into the community. For the past ten years Masco Cabinetry has been a top fund raiser for Relay for Life, and a participant in Junior Achievement...

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