Misleading Advertisements Analysis

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By being a consumer in a world of diverse products and services, it has given us a wide range of choices. A product may be produced by different companies and has the same function, but it is presented to the consumers in different forms. In order to differ from each other, companies use the help of advertising to present its product in a better way than their competitors’. However, advertising the product is becoming more crucial than the product itself. Companies are focusing more on making the brand more popular, rather than actually improving the product that they offer. By turning the advertisement competition into a war between companies, they mislead buyers by hyperbolizing their products positive features, thus hiding the negative ones. Companies forget about the effect they have on the consumers. Consumers should be aware of the manipulative tricks that advertising uses like subliminal messages and brain seduction in order to not be misled into buying something that they do not really require. By knowing how to manipulate the audience and consumers’ brain, companies use tactical methods in order to persuade specific customers to buy specific products or services. Other examples of techniques they use are techniques like puffery which are suggestive claims about a product, using subliminal messages and transferring information indirectly, as well as by targeting a specific group of people, creating a slogan or a mascot and by using sexy models with perfect bodies, advertising tries to manipulate and persuade consumers into buying the product they are offering.
The first thing that advertisements try to achieve is to capture costumers’ attention. When an ad fails to do this than it is not a successful ad. Advertisement faces difficulty trying to get audiences’ attention because usually ads are ignored. “Advertising is not the most important thing – advertising to a lot of people is like an intrusion, and an annoyance, or something that they just ignore, like a … you know, like a bad housefly. A lot of them wish it would go away, a lot of them just ignore it.” (AMA2). So advertising agencies use special techniques to get audiences’ attention. These tricks are unfair to the consumers because in some way they are forcing you to watch their ad. Companies that have knowledge in the instinctive behavior that humans have, they are able to use them against the consumers. In advertisement size matters. We tend to pay more attention to larger text elements in ads. Usually, ads on television or radio have a higher sound volume than the TV-shows because the lauder the ad, the more attention it will capture. Another example is the ads we see when surfing the internet, in some of the cases, are animated so there is movement in the ad box. Our eyes instinctively capture moving objects faster than the standing still ones so it will directly get our attention and we cannot do anything against it. These are some common tactics used in advertisement which...

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