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Mission And Vision Essay

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The mission and vision statements are critical to all organizations civilian as well as military. These two statements address the ideas and thoughts of the leadership, it tells employees and customers what to expect from the organization. This paper will cover the criteria necessary to develop a good mission and vision statement. The criteria listed in this document are not all inclusive, there are many other opinions and idea to available to pick, and this is my view of what is critical.
Mission Statement Criteria
 Be realistic
 Fits the environment
 Define the customers
 Inspire employees
 Easily understood
The mission statement should be realistic, because too often organizations build mission that they cannot accomplish and it kills the morale of the employees. When employee morale is low, it often affects productivity that in turn affects profitability. Realistic mission statements will motivate employees to give a hundred percent every day. “Organizations start out with a big mission that was going to revolutionize the game. Then reality sets in and they find out the mission cannot be accomplish” (Welch & Welch, 2008).
Ensure the mission statement fits the environment. If the mission statement does not consider the environment it is trying to market to, it will surely fail. In order to strive in any market you have to know the environment and the SWOT analysis will help organization to identify the environment and the area they need to focus on to be effective.
Identifying the customer is critical in the development of a mission statement. Customers are more likely to consider an organization that is concerned about them than one that does not consider them. The mission statement is one way to show customers that they are a valuable to the organization. When it comes to stakeholders, customers are a major contributor to organizations and some would argue that investors are more valuable. “An organization should define the particular needs of those customers groups it wishes to satisfy. Then produce product or service that satisfies a need or a want of the customers” (Olsen, 2010).
Employees want to feel like they are a part of the team. In other words, the mission statement should inspire employees and they should look at the organization’s mission statement and get excited about their job. Happy employees tend to be more productive and when employees are happy it has a positive effect on profitability. “Employees need to feel that their work is significant and that it contributes to people’s lives and it starts with the organization’s mission statement” (Olsen, 2010).
The final criteria and probably the most important is make the mission statement easily understood. If the mission statement is too complicate to read then people are not going to read it or understand the content. The enter level employee should be able to read and understood what the organization’s mission statement is conveying without...

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