Mission And Vision Statements For Odessa Home Health, Inc

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Odessa Home Health, Inc. is locally owned and operated skilled in-home health care company that was developed with a passionate desire to provide quality home health care to those families in need of skilled nursing services. Care options, such as medical in-home care assistance, personal care, and trusted companionship services throughout Denver Metro. Odessa Home Health, Inc is dedicated to provide consumers with exceptional service that only comes when putting consumers’ health and recovery first. Nursing care is not limited to elderly in need of nursing services, but for all consumers regardless of their age, race, or religion.
Odessa Home Health, Inc provides cost-effective, intelligent, compassionate care to healthcare consumers. The care provided enables consumers to live with as much independence and dignity, as their conditions permits, providing piece of mind to consumers and their families. Services are provided in multiple locations, such as patient residences, skilled nursing facilities, assistant living facilities, and more. Care is based on knowledge, experience and continuing education. Odessa Home Health Company has the potential to improve health outcomes of consumers in the community. Success requires leadership, clear goals, and a strong connection between performance, knowledge and experience.
To Set The Standards By:
• Hiring, educating and keeping professional staff members.
• Sustaining the greatest level of quality care.
• Encouraging consumers to use all of the care services to their advantage to achieve wellness faster.
• Becoming a well-known home health agency in Denver Metro area.
• Expanding affairs and reserves that is valuable to the patients.
• Offering informative instructions to consumers, their families, staff members, and the community.
• Regularly go extra miles for the needs and anticipations of patients, staff members, and the community.
• Strictly following policy and procedures of the “Odessa Home Health, Inc” agency.
• Regularly updating policies and procedures of the agency according to regulations of Colorado...

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