Mission Matters At Heaven On Earth Nursing Home

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Heaven on Earth Nursing Home is fortunate to have leaders in place that have complementary strengths and interests. Mr. Rorer, the Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) has demonstrated talent for managing the financial interests of the organization and has worked to ensure the nursing home has the opportunity for growth and development for the future with availability of financial resources. Ms. Carmen, the Director of Nursing (DON), has demonstrated awareness that the future of all businesses is also dependent on continued development and understanding that financial viability is not the only consideration of a successful business—especially a business with a role in health care and support of the community.
As a church-owned facility, the financial picture of the organization is important, but there must also be a unified approach to community support. As described in Burns, Bradley, & Weiner (2012) “particularly in the nonprofit sector, the organization’s overall performance depends on a balanced scorecard of outcome measures, and that must be communicated effectively to external stakeholders” (pg. 45). Currently, there is a clear delineation between strict financial considerations and other quality outcome indicators. In order for the company to thrive, these goals must become aligned. There is also disconnect in communication from hospital administration to the Board of Directors which makes it difficult for the board members to publicly support decisions and counter negative perceptions in the community. Finally, there is a lack of professional respect in many conversations that have taken place among various individuals. These are situations that must be addressed in a timely manner to avoid detrimental effects on the future of the nursing home. Once goals of the administrators become aligned and communicated with the board, many of the other complications resulting from this should dissipate.
There are several factors that must be considered when reviewing the current state of management for the nursing home. Several disagreements among various individuals stem from lack of communication and lack of consistent alignment with the strategic plan of the organization. This strategic agenda requires input from the board as well as the nursing home administrators (Burns, Bradley, & Weiner, 2012). Several recommendations from the committee can be made to facilitate this process.
First, a meeting with the board and the nursing home administration should be conducted. Utilizing the mission statement of the organization, a strategic problem solving approach can be used to target gaps between the current status of the nursing home and the vision for the future of the facility. All parties should be given the opportunity to discuss concerns and vision for the nursing home. A model for strategic problem solving has been outlined by Burns, Bradley, & Weiner (2012). In targeting a direction for the future of the facility,...

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