Mission,Vision And Values Essay

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TradeStation Securities, Inc., provides a platform to the active trader and certain institutional trader markets. The TradeStation platform offers an electronic trading platform that offers state-of-the-art "direct market access" (DMA) or "direct-access" order execution and enables clients to design, test, optimize, monitor and automate their own and automate their own custom Equities, Options, Futures and Forex trading strategies (TradeStation.com). TradeStation Securities, Inc. is a licensed securities broker-dealer and a registered futures commission merchant, and also a member of the American Stock Exchange, Boston Options Exchange, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange, International Securities Exchange, NYSE ARCA and Philadelphia Stock Exchange. The company's technology subsidiary, TradeStation Technologies, Inc., develops and offers strategy trading software tools and subscription services. Its London-based subsidiary, TradeStation Europe Limited, an FSA-authorized brokerage firm, introduces UK and other European accounts to TradeStation Securities (TradeStation.com).Since its release in 1991, TradeStation® has been recognized as a unique and valuable "trading assistant." It has received numerous stellar reviews and awards, and has accounted for more than $100 million in software sales since its initial release. In 1996, through a licensing agreement with Telerate, Inc., TradeStation was offered as a premium service to Telerate institutional customers worldwide, and resided on thousands of institutional terminals in the United States, Europe and Asia.Now, the company has launched what it believes to be an unparalleled trading platform for the institutional, professional and serious, active trader. In February 2000, the company launched Internet-based, real-time charts, quotes and news powered by award-winning analytics tools and a unique server farm technology. In July 2001, the company launched, through TradeStation Securities, the TradeStation direct-access online brokerage - a complete intelligent direct-access trading platform we believe will revolutionize online trading for institutional, professional and serious individual traders (TradeStation.com).Although technology has changed a lot of the world and how trading is conducted one thing has remained constant: TradeStation Securities, Inc., is the preferred online trading platform that professionals and non-professionals continue to use for their trading platform preference. In March of 2008, Barron's Magazine named TradeStation Securities, Inc. as the Best Online Broker giving the company 4.5 out of 5 stars.A mission statement defines the organization's purpose and primary objectives. It is used to describe the company's measure of success. The main audience of the mission statement is the organization's leadership team and its' stockholders. The mission statement of an organization identifies the company's key measures of success. The mission statement at...

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1425 words - 6 pages interrelated activities: more usefulying strategic intent, building an organization, and shaping organizational culture.”(Pearce, 2004) Summary AT&T is a global company constructed with a clear definition of their mission, vision and values; their philosophy is to exceed customer and stakeholders expectations. Led by Ralph De La Vega who was appointed as CEO in October 2007, AT&T operates with integrity, upholds all laws and recognizes it has

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960 words - 4 pages three components of a vision. These are:Tangible goalThis is the desired future outcome that has a specific target and time frame for its attainment. Kingdom Financial Holding's desired future outcome is to be a leading provider of professional financial services.Statement of purposeThis is a statement of core values that should bring inspiration to the company's internal customers / stakeholders. The vision clearly puts across the special business

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2465 words - 10 pages Introduction This paper will analyze the mission and vision statements of JPMorgan Chase & Co against the performance of the organization. An evaluation of how well the company lives out its mission and vision statement will be provided. The organization’s strategic goals link to the company’s mission and vision will be assessed. An analysis of the company’s financial performance to determine the link between the company’s strategic goals

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612 words - 3 pages their families. Services are provided in multiple locations, such as patient residences, skilled nursing facilities, assistant living facilities, and more. Care is based on knowledge, experience and continuing education. Odessa Home Health Company has the potential to improve health outcomes of consumers in the community. Success requires leadership, clear goals, and a strong connection between performance, knowledge and experience. Vision To Set

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1268 words - 5 pages children in a way that is developmentally appropriate and personal. The vision of this early childhood learning program is to form successful partnerships with families and the community, promote positive child development, and to foster students’ confidence, creativity, critical thinking, multicultural awareness, and passion for learning. Our mission is to recognize the unique gifts of each student, excite students about the world around

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626 words - 3 pages DirectionWhen a company joins together to express its vision, beliefs, goals, values and mission in words it will give direction to everyone in the company. The Wizards Attic vision is that it will provide a comfortable, peaceful, relaxing atmosphere where people will feel at home. Their mission is to provide a warm and relaxed environment where everyone, regardless of gender, race or religion is welcome, The Wizards Attic values are to place integrity

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1034 words - 4 pages Balanced Score Introduction In this paper I will discuss and explains the critical thinking on how you derived your objectives from your vision, mission, values, and SWOTT analysis. Vision Our vision is to build a well run and respected company that creates a nationwide fashion while providing handbags and accessories with cartoon characters and scriptures from the bible. Vision defines where the organization

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1599 words - 6 pages grocery stores easily for children to see. This exemplifies a great brand and marketing strategy, but a great marketing strategy can only go so far. For some organizations to make that jump from good to great and realize that power of alignment is vital; Kraft must look inward to ensure the company is committed and steadfast to its primary objectives, organizational goals, and values. I will review Krafts’ mission statement, vision statement

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586 words - 2 pages . I most certainly agree, as some have argued, that “culture is not created by words plastered on the wall or carried around on laminated cards,” (Bradt, 2008, p.13) but that culture is created by the actions of the leadership. However, it is the combination of mission statement, visions statements, and core values that should guide corporate decisions and establish the culture of the organization. If adhered to, the vision statement guides the

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635 words - 3 pages MGT 499 Module 1 Case assignment PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 ABSTRACTAre Wal-Mart's stated Mission, vision, goals, and objectives aligned with the needs of their stakeholders?It is clearly obvious that the stated mission, vision, goals and objectives are aligned with the needs of the stakeholders because Wal-Mart was founded on the principles of taking care of people just like the Boeing Company. Boeing is referred to as the People Company and WAL

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629 words - 3 pages The leadership vision goes beyond your written organizational mission statement and your vision statement. The vision of leadership permeates the workplace and is manifested in the actions, beliefs, values and goals of your organization's leaders (Heathfield, 2009). Like defining leadership, vision also has many definitions. When one say's that a leader has vision, he or she is referring to the ability to see the present as it is and formulate a

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1504 words - 6 pages statement functions as a developmental tool as well to enhance the value of an organization and the products or services they provide to consumers (Mayhew, 2009). The mission statement should be the product of an analysis of the organizations competitive environment (Aguinis, 2013). The mission statement should also reflect the organizations values or beliefs reflected through the self-concept, managerial philosophy (Aguinis, 2013). The vision

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1483 words - 6 pages conscience” (Schultz, p. 107). Many believe his deep sense of empathy stems from his early childhood where his father was ill and could not hold a job. This is reflected today in his treatment of his employees. All employees who work a minimum of 240 hours per quarter receive benefits such as health, dental, vision, and stock options. The Starbucks leadership takes its mission and vision towards customers seriously. They believe though that it begins