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Social groups describe who we are as individuals. Every person is involved in multiple social groups whether they realize it or not. Some social groups can be determined by a broad spectrum or a narrow spectrum. Social groups can be spread out throughout different regions as well as an entire nation as a whole. Every person who attends North Carolina State University is part of the same social group. That social group can be broken down into many smaller groups, such as the individual colleges in the University. Within those smaller groups of the different colleges, the groups can even be divided into smaller groups by major, and then again by concentration. Every person belongs to ...view middle of the document...

House of Fate is a “play” type event where there are seven rooms set up throughout the church. In each room a real-life event occurs and in every room someone dies. Throughout the “show” you can tell whether or not the person believes in God or not. At least one or more people die in every scene and the last two rooms are hell and heaven. All of the people that died either end up in hell or heaven and it all begins to make sense which one they end up in based off of the scene that they died in and how they were acting and the things that they were doing. Well, every year that I have been old enough, which was age 2, I have been apart of House of Fate and participated in the different scenes. I have been almost every position that there is to be in this play and I am proud to say that I have been part of a group that has affected so many people’s lives in a positive way. Last year 900 people raised their hand in the end and were documented that they had been saved based off of this play and the tremendous affect it had on them.

I have always been and I still am a member of Tungsten Baptist Church but I attended First Baptist Youth Group because more people my age were at this church and a lot of people that I went to high school with also went to this church. Two years ago I went to New York to do mission work with First Baptist youth group. When we got there on the first day we went straight to the church that we were staying at. The church was old and run down and was very very hot. We had to take our luggage all the way to the fourth floor of the church by stairs. We were all hot, tired, and hungry by time we finished getting everything out of the vans and into the church. By this time it was pretty late in the evening and we were all starting to complain a little about the temperature and about how much walking we had to do because the church was located right outside of Times Square. We were all called downstairs to the basement of the church where we were asked to help set up pallets and cots. We couldn’t imagine that they were going to make us move all of our stuff back downstairs to sleep after we had just lugged it up four flights of stairs. Before any of us could ask why we were setting up places for people to sleep, they opened the back door and dozens of homeless men came in and went to a bed. They were so grateful that the church would allow them to sleep inside. Our group was very moved by the way the homeless men greeted us strangers with smiles on their faces. It touched all of us and made us realize that we had no right to complain because there were people out there so much less fortunate and people who were so grateful to just have a bed for the night. We started talking to the men about experiences they have had and also inviting them to come to church on that Sunday to worship with us. We talked for a while and then it was time for all of the youth to go to bed because we were going to have a busy...

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