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Did you know that less than one percent of students that attend a Bible College ever consider the mission field (Personal interview). With 253 missionaries, Brazil has the most independent Baptist missionaries in North America (NTM website). "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15). When you are a missionary, you may have to learn a different language along with learning the culture of the country. "You must understand that one culture is not better than another, they are just different” (Personal interview). In my opinion, you must learn to live like the people do instead of trying to teach them how to live like you. God shares his love for Brazil through New Tribes Mission Agency.

There are many reasons that missions are important. When I interviewed the missionary he shared that missions is the essence of God’s heart (Personal interview). IRCS is involved in missions with the ministry-mester (Private Christian School Pinellas). Missions trips allow students to experience a unique environment that tends to be outside of their “comfort zone” (Mr. Banse blog). “You can chose to go overseas or you can stay close to home. One of the challenges of being a missionary is that you leave your friends and family (Personal interview).”Knowing that you can change all eternity for some people drives some missionaries to do mission work (Personal interview). Knowing all of this, I believe that missions is very important and very helpful.

Brazil is a very cool and interesting country. It has the fifth largest population in the world. In Brazil, you can basically get any type of food that you can get here and more. A popular food in Brazil is lapa (Personal interview). “Lapa is basically a big jungle rat” (Personal interview). Some strange foods are leaf-cutter ants and cooked monkey. In Brazil, there are many children that are illiterate. There are good paved roads, highways and metropolitan expressways in the major cities in Brazil. Brazil however has a long coastline so they travel by boats a most of the time. The climate in Brazil is very tropical. Over three fourths of the Brazilian population...

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