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What is a missionary? A missionary is someone sent by Jesus Christ just as he was sent by God. In missionary work, the great danger is that God’s call will be replaced by the needs of the people, to the point that human sympathy for those needs will absolutely overwhelm the purpose of being sent by Jesus. ("My Utmost For His Highest.") “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” ("Go and Make Disciples!"). Missions are important to God because of the cross of Christ and the command and the coming of him. The missionaries that I "Missionary Interview."ed said that it’s dangerous being a missionary. For instance if you're in a muslim country trying to spread the gospel you can be ...view middle of the document...

E.A.P conference in South Africa so they can travel farther to spread the gospel. ("15 BICYCLES WAS DISTRIBUTED AND THE R.E.A.P CONFERENCE THIS YEAR." ) Multi Ministries was founded by
Multi Ministries has also come into partnership with the newspaper challenge ("Missionary Interview."). The Multi Ministries has been in the field for 18 years and challenge has for 12 years ("Missionary Interview."). Their primary purpose is to share the gospel and help the people of South Africa and to share the gospel by going to tribes and trying to spread the gospel there. Challenge has been a major help to multi ministries in getting the word out there so others may help as well. Challenge is a non-profit organisation. They publish an evangelistic newspaper to encourage and help Christians to share their faith regularly and to give readers the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ. ("Challenge.") I asked Mr. Peasley and Mr. Trezona how many languages they knew, they both said two: English and Proper English ("Missionary Interview."). They said they usually have South Africans that usually know six or seven languages ("Missionary Interview."). It is good to share the gospel with the people of South Africa to help them find Christ.

Finally, I asked Mr. Peasley and Mr. Trezona how God called them to the mission field. They said that they had been called through his Word and his grace for them to share the gospel. I also questioned...

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