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Mistakes In High School Essay

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Intro – High school, a time that was hopefully one of the best times of someones life, although there were probably a few bumps along the way. Today I am going to list ten of the top mistakes kids make in their high school career.
Body – Mistake #1. Getting cocky, every junior high kid gets into high school and starts to think that he or she is just the coolest person that has ever been created. This can cause all sorts of problem for said person. There is nothing that a senior in high school loves more than to just absolutely cut down a freshman who walks around and thinks that they are all that and a bag of chips. So if you know any graduating 8th graders this year just take a second and remind them that next year they are in fact at the bottom of the totem pole again.
Mistake #2. This next mistake comes as an attribute given to most high school students... Laziness. Becoming lazy is another mistake many high school kids make. I am not saying that you need to be doing something absolutely every second of every day but at the same time you actually want to do your school work. Teachers will like you a lot more if you do your homework and turn it in on time. That second part is a very big part of it too. Procrastination is a huge problem gripping all high school students. A lot of kids wait until the last minute to get any homework or projects done. This not only usually results in shoddy work but also in extreme levels of stress which is not exactly healthy. Just a little bit of advice to go with this one, do your work right when it is assigned, it will save you much stress and maybe even a little hair.
Mistake #3. One of the great things about high school is the extracurricular activities. Sadly some kids make the mistake of not getting involved in any of them. There are just tons of different things to do that are offered through the school. One of the best things is a lot of them are free to do. There are all sorts of sports or physical activities to do plus tons of other things like clubs or groups if you're not a big fan of physical activities. There are just so many options. All statistics show that people who get involved in extracurricular activities have better attendance and receive better grades for the most part than people who do not get involved. Although there is an adverse side of this. One can involve themselves in too many activities and stretch themselves too thin. People should choose maybe just three or four things that they are really interested in and focus on them. All in all though extracurriculars are a great thing.
Mistake #4. High school love, oh the contradictions. It can be great or it can end horribly. Falling in love in high school can either be a big mistake or it can make for a life of happiness. As in all of life though, some things just do not work out. The main mistake some kids make when it comes to high school love is that they allow it to consume their lives and they really do not do anything but...

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