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Mistreatment Of Animals Essay

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China (and especially Hong Kong) is the number one seller of a specialty dish called Shark-fin soup. This delicacy has been around for centuries, dating back to the Ming Dynasty. At that time it was only eaten by the rich and royal, as it was too expensive for common people to make. Now, it is a traditional meal served during weddings or important business meetings and is considered to be a sign of respect to foreigners when served to them. To make the dish, shark fins are very important, and quite frankly, it is the only part of the shark that is needed. Fishermen catch thousands of sharks a day. Once they are on board and very much still alive, the workers take sharp knives and slice the shark’s dorsal fins, the pectoral fins, and the caudal fin. Once the fins have been collected, the shark, still alive, is thrown back into the ocean to sink to the floor, dying slowly of blood loss and oxygen depletion because they cannot swim without their fins. If one is to search on google images “shark fins”, the first few rows and beyond are pictures of shark-finning and piles of shark fins. This case of inhumanity is astounding. The only important part of the shark is it’s fins and the rest of its body is thrown away, never to be used. It is wasteful and quite mean, especially since they do not kill the sharks quickly beforehand or even afterward. (Raloff 232)
Humans have the mind set of speciesism, an assumption that humans have more importance than any other species who is not human ( Animals are treated worse because people do not see their species as equal and deserving of the same rights that people have obtained. So people mistreat animals, whether it is keeping them caged up to become a spectacle for curious people or become someones meal for nights to come. Animals are important to humans because they provide new ways of thinking and even companionship, as domesticated dogs and cats do today. Many animals are still slaughtered or harmed in doing what humans believe is right and necessary for their own needs and wants. Humans mistreat animals on a daily basis, from being used for food, sports & entertainment, and scientific research.
Animal’s are essential to humans, having co-existed and providing for each other for thousands of years. They provide more sources of food, labor, clothing, and tools (“Forward to the animal revolution”). Without them, it might be harder to find healthy protein in anything other than beans. People can find more sources of protein in meat than in anything else. Animals also provide vitamins that would otherwise need to be received by taking supplements. Any species can be studied in-depth and explain certain phenomena or rituals that may explain human ways. Such as orangutans's who have been observed while trying to open a fruit for food. They used sticks to whack the fruit in half to be able to get to the edible seeds inside (Christopher). Elephants’ actions have also been observed, showing that...

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