Mistreatment Of Commercial Farm Animals Essay

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Mistreatment of Commercial Farm Animals

America’s habitual complacency coexists with its lack of inquisitiveness. People used to know where their food came from because they asked. They knew the country, state, and most likely the farm as well. Currently, society is so far removed from the entire food process that their knowledge of its origin is limited to the grocery store it came from. This disconnection not only creates a lack of appreciation for the source, but a lack of interest in conditions, treatment, and final product too. People’s common “ignorance is bliss” attitude has led to animals’ torturous inhumane treatment, slaughter, and conditions. They are also pumped full of a plethora of preemptive drugs intended to sustain their lives without a physician’s attention.
In “Crimes Unseen” Dena Jones illustrates farm animal suffering through many sources. She suggests Americans are not conscious of terrible acts and circumstances before slaughter occurs, but should be concerned. Society removes the reality that meat was living and capable of being scared and hurt. Laws for less painful death have been in place and had modifications; however, previous improvements from changes are speculatory due to lack of available information gathered. There are many examples of disregard for living beings and the laws protecting them. Workers, desensitized over time, show minimal concern for contaminants and none for animal well-being. Ultimately, increasing quantity and speed of animals killed leads to unwarranted suffering by improper stunning, skinning, gassing, and electrocuting. While seemingly improvements have been made, enforcing loose laws with limited support proves difficult. Furthermore, if cattle standards have been raised, none of these rights have extended to chickens. Jones admits there is no method of unwavering painless slaughter. Low standards produce animals’ agony until slaughter sends them to a dinner-plate. Only buyers’ demands will initiate changes. (60-67)
Because of people willing to acknowledge and disseminate knowledge of the commercial farm animal industry’s injustices, positive progress is underway. Unfortunately, deception of the public has become the focus of companies instead of improving practices. Much of what was written in Dena Jones’ article is not known publically. Although, many people, restricted or not by budget, do attempt to purchase meat and eggs through companies believed to have ethical practices. Many times these beliefs are unsubstantiated. In the long run, it would be most advisable for all involved parties to forget about immediate profits and focus on agricultural animals’ health. A healthy animal yields healthy food. Also a healthy and informed society results in happier consumers.
There are so many issues with the farm animal industry that it’s hard to decide where or how to begin reforms. As Jennifer Wolcott...

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