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Mistreatment Of Post Secondary Enrollment Options Students At Falls High School

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The mistreatment of PSEO students by teachers and students at Falls High School should be stopped. Many Post-Secondary Enrollment Options students who attend FHS do not feel welcome there because of how they are treated by teachers and students. My idea is to inform the faculty at FHS of PSEO students true feelings about the high school, and persuade them to implement positive persuasion over negative when informing students about the PSEO program.
I believe that PSEO students are being bullied by both teachers and students at FHS. This is because my definition of bullying is when one person commits an act repeatedly which is meant to harm another person. Many people and organizations have ...view middle of the document...

I think that this behavior is intentional, and is meant to stand as a punishment for enrolling in the PSEO program. This is because the information about that unpleasant interaction gets spread to students who may enroll in the program in the future, and makes them associate negative feelings with the program. The faculty knows this, and uses it as a tool to try and avert students from enrolling.
Another tool which is commonly used by some members of the Falls High School faculty is a mode of bullying I covered beforehand; the spreading of rumors. While asking questions about the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program, a few of my fellow students were deliberately misinformed about a few crucial details about the program. This instills negative feelings about the program, and by association, by the students who enroll in it. This is because with the false information those students received, they believe the PSEO program is disadvantageous to anyone whom enrolls in it, and transitively those people have made poor decisions and are more subject to bullying by their peers. “Children’s social lives — whether or not they have friends, whether they are accepted or rejected by their peers, whether they are victims or perpetrators of aggression — and their academic lives go hand in hand.” ("Bullying: A Module for Teachers." Http:// N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Mar. 2014.). This quote backs up my thoughts because it explains that students’ academic and social lives are intertwined, and that if they are led to believe something is a bad decision academically, it was also a bad decision socially. This in some cases escalates and PSEO students, perceived as making a bad academic decision by their peers, are subjected to a social consequence, which takes hold as bullying.
My plan to stop this bullying covers the issue with both the faculty and the students at Falls High School. I think that the school should...

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