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Misunderstood Minds: Adhad In College Students

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, generally known as ADHD can be described as having a nonstop conversation with yourself. Constant racing thoughts, changing from one thing to another, not needing coffee because you already have a buzzed. Instead of walking, you are running. Standing in line for one minute feels like five hours. Always on the go and never looking back because, it would cause you to slow down. Imagine that always happening and not being able to control any of it. Unfortunately, this effects two to eight percent of college students dealing with ADHD and it is the most common learning disability that receives accommodations at higher levels of education (Musso and Grouvier 186). The stigma about ADHD is that it can only affect the individual at school. It actually is incorporated into every aspect of their life, making everything just a little bit harder. Each student enrolled in college with ADHD is taking on a huge responsibility and society needs to recognize the battles endured by these students everyday. One alternative that tends to help for decreasing the symptoms is medication, but that has its flaws like any other treatment option. Typical life characteristics for these students are to have minimal friendships, engage in risky behavior, make impulsive choices, and battle with another psychological disorder. The most common diagnosis paired with ADHD is depression, but more research needs to be done to confirm the correlation. As a society, it is important to keep an open mind and acknowledge that this is a disorder. These individuals cannot control the glitch in their brain, but they can only learn to live with it.
ADHD is most often associated with school and learning situations. The average diagnosis is done when kids are between the ages of five to eight, which leaves them with difficult years ahead. The most common misconception about ADHD is that these kids will eventually grow out of it, but that is a myth, they learn how to cope with it through experience and time. The deficiency ADHD causes can influences necessary skills, such as organizing, studying, and overall executive functioning (Weyandt and DuPaul 313). Unfortunately, some students do not deal with their symptoms as well as others. Recently discovered on average twenty-five percent of students with ADHD often have another learning disability (Lee et al. 371). Meaning some possible reasons for not handling their symptoms well is due to another disability’s symptoms taking priority. The personality characteristics of those with ADHD according to Weyandt and DuPaul “tend to be less rule focused, independent, aggressive, and less likely to be influenced by constructive or critical feedback” (315). These characteristics can interfere with time management, because the lack of discipline which means they disregard timelines or due dates. The affects of ADHD on a student, they often have confidence issues in regards to their academics. The poor confidence...

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